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The Best Bloody Marys in Nashville

Published On 10/06/2015 Published On 10/06/2015
Brita Britnell/Thrillist
Courtesy of Party Fowl

Party Fowl

Party Fowl, rather new to the Nashville hot chicken scene, has what is probably the most elaborate cocktail in all of Nashville. In fact, it’s not just a cocktail; this Bloody Mary is actually listed on the menu as “Brunch for Two.” It’s a 51oz Bloody Mary that’s topped with two pieces of fried chicken on sticks, avocado, fried okra, and of course, celery and olives. It’s literally a brunch fit for two. So, if you’re looking for an entire fried chicken meal to eat alongside your Bloody Mary cocktail, Party Fowl is your spot. Just don’t forget to take a friend.

Brita Britnell/Thrillist


You’ll feel like a true Southerner sitting in Husk eating brunch and sipping on one of the Bloody Marys. Husk’s Bloody Mary is rumored to have upwards of 30 different ingredients in the recipe that are kept top secret. It looks average enough, but this version is one of the smoothest and most delicious cocktails in Nashville. Seriously. And seeing as it is truly one of the best Bloody Marys in town, we’re fine with this place hiding the recipe so long as it just keeps on serving them.

Courtesy of Whiskey Kitchen

Whiskey Kitchen

This bar has a great tavern-like vibe that’s perfect for a relaxing visit with friends, complete with cocktails in hand. And despite its namesake, Whiskey Kitchen also makes one hell of a Bloody Mary. Its simple version, known as the Stoli "Wicked" Bloody Mary, is made with house-infused “wicked” pepper and olive-infused vodka. We highly recommend pairing your tomato cocktail with some of the famous fried green tomatoes.

Brita Britnell/Thrillist

Pinewood Social

This restaurant has become a popular meeting spot that offers a coffee shop, bowling alley, private event space, and outdoor pools and bocce ball during the summer. Pinewood Social prides itself in being an all-around great spot to socialize and we don’t disagree. It also just so happens to have a great brunch menu complete with both a classic Bloody Mary AND a Bloody Maria (tequila instead of vodka). While the brunch menu is only served on the weekends, you can get a Mary or Maria any day of the week.

Courtesy of Saint Anejo

Saint Añejo

This Mexican-inspired cantina serves both Bloody Marys and Bloody Marias as part of its weekend-only brunch menu that, if you haven’t already, you’re going to want to partake in ASAP. The Bloody Maria is one of its signature brunch libations that is basically a classic Bloody Mary that’s made with tequila instead of vodka with a nice rim of salt around the glass. Your Bloody Maria would be well paired with one of the delicious breakfast burritos.

Brita Britnell/Thrillist

Marché Artisan Foods

Marché is a bright and cozy cafe with a warm European vibe and, not surprisingly, a great Bloody Mary. Its take on this cocktail includes cucumber-infused sake and a spicy house-made Bloody Mary mix. Marché is an especially popular weekend brunch spot (and for very good reason) so you might want to consider going early since reservations are not accepted for brunch.

The Flipside 12s

The Flipside

The Flipside, a casual burger joint in 12South, has a nice retro diner vibe with an emphasis on '50s decor. The brunch menu happens to be one of our new favorites in Nashville and comes with two different Bloody Mary options: the “Fix” and the “Big Fix.” You can order a classic Bloody Mary (the Fix) which during brunch hours are two for the price of one. However, you can also opt for the slightly more elaborate Big Fix, which is served in a large frosty mug with a pickle on the side, full strips of bacon sticking out of the top of the glass, a stick filled with chicken and tots, AND a big ole’ snow crab claw. There’s really no question which one we’re going to order.

Courtesy of Tavern


This Nashville staple restaurant is known as the “pub for chefs” and prides itself on being “a local foodie favorite.” The Bloody Mary options include a classic Bloody Mary, known as the Wicked Bloody Mary, as well as a cucumber-infused Bloody Mary, called the Cucumber Mary. The Cucumber Mary is made with the resto's spicy Bloody Mary mix and house-made cucumber-infused vodka.

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Biscuit Love Brunch

This hip biscuit joint has really made a name for itself recently and our guess is that it’s not just all about the biscuits. Biscuit Love Brunch also has one hell of a Bloody Mary (known at the restaurant as “The Bloody”). The garnish is simple but the spicy kick is a powerful one. And if you want an all-around spicy Southern meal, order “The Princess” (hot chicken biscuit) to go with your cocktail.

Courtesy of Embers Ski Lodge

Embers Ski Lodge

Embers Ski Lodge is the hip new slopes-inspired restaurant and bar in 12South that’s designed to “create the warmth and camaraderie of a ski lodge.” Its Bloody Mary is served only on the weekends during brunch hours and is known as the "Every Day I’m Trufflin’." This cocktail is made with truffle-infused vodka (yum!), smoked paprika, and truffle salt with a piece of crispy Broadbent bacon served right in the glass. So, even if you can’t make it to the slopes this winter, you can always enjoy a big brunch at Embers Ski Lodge, and enjoy this Bloody Mary by the fire.

Mad Donna's

Mad Donna’s

If you ask a local where to go for a good Bloody Mary, chances are high that they’ll direct you to Mad Donna’s. Largely loved for its drag queen bingo nights and perpetual drink specials, this unique bar is truly an East Nashville favorite. It serves Bloody Marys, know as “Mad Marys” on a daily basis. However, on the weekends it has a special (and very popular) weekend brunch fully equipped with a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar.

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1. Party Fowl 719 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

As the name implies, Party Fowl is known for its fowl treatment, namely the classic Nashville hot chicken, served in a variety of dishes with varying heat levels for every palate -- Southern fried, mild, medium, hot, or Poultrygeist (if you think you can handle it). Try the buttermilk-brined delicacy as a po-boy, over Texas toast with beignets, on a deconstructed Cobb salad, or in its classic sandwich form with dill pickles and cole slaw. No matter your preference, the poultry-centric, hometown Gulch eatery has nearly two dozen local brews on draft to wash it down.

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2. Husk 37 Rutledge St, Nashville, TN 37210

The Nashville outpost of Chef Sean Brock's Charleston-born restaurant, Husk changes its menu twice daily depending on the freshest finds in produce and protein. Self-described as “a celebration of Southern ingredients,” local ingredients (including herbs from a backyard garden) are at the forefront, and diners are encouraged to pair modernized Southern classics like shrimp and grits or a hot fish sandwich with a cocktail from the lauded whiskey list, over 60 bourbons on offer. But one thing that doesn't change: the Husk Burger. It's (one of) Brock's culinary masterpieces: two Tennessee-raised beef patties are ground with bacon, griddled with onions are tucked onto the patty then smothered by American cheese, topped with pickles and mustard on a squishy sesame bun.

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3. Whiskey Kitchen 118 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Located in the Gulch, the menu here consists of chef-inspired pub favorites and wood-fired pizza, along with the city’s largest collection of whiskeys, bourbons, ryes, and Scotch.

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4. Pinewood Social 33 Peabody St, Nashville, TN 37210

This waterfront spot in Rolling Mill Hill has the layout of an MTV Cribs home -- just look at its six vintage bowling lanes, dining room, lounge and outdoor courtyard. While the food is indeed tasty (after all, Catbird Seat veteran Josh Habiger helms the kitchen), people seem to gravitate to Pinewood for the social scene: it's a see-and-be-seen kind of place, which goes hand-in-hand with the pool, bocce ball field, and the strong cocktails.

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5. Saint Añejo 1120 McGavock St, Nashville, TN 37203

This Downtown spot serves high-end Mexican cuisine and has a TEQUILA LIBRARY, which is exactly what it sounds like: a private space chock full of tequila that can be rented out for tequila tastings, birthday parties, or as a lavish way to tell your friends you just won the lottery.

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6. Marché Artisan Foods 1000 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206

Head to this cafe where you'll see a variety of different dishes for dinner (the menu changes monthly) and if you go in the morning, you'll see lines of hushed East Nashville residents wearing sunglasses (even when it’s cloudy) stretch out the door to get inside and sit down to a revitalizing brunch of inventive pastries, delicate crepes, or steak and eggs that will put a little lead back in your pencil. Thankfully, there’s also a wide variety of gourmet coffee drinks and international teas, plus wine and more.

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7. The Flipside 2403 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212

This 12South neighborhood joint features retro-chic diner stylings with cherry red fridges and '50s TV memorabilia, as well as a variety of eats from Jack's Best Chicken (chicken breast pounded thin with seasoned bread crumbs and pan sautéed in extra virgin olive oil) to an app that's 1/2lb of crispy bacon.

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8. Tavern 1904 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

This modern gastropub is a local foodie favorite with small plates, retro cocktails and late-night tacos. Fourteen big screen TVs show all the major games and DJs spin late into the night. Stop in for brunch and be sure to get The Cucumber Mary, a Bloody Mary with house-made cucumber-infused vodka.

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9. Biscuit Love 316 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

The offshoot of a one-time food truck, the beloved Biscuit Love is a fast-casual breakfast mecca in the Gulch. The specialty is all in the name: biscuits are at the forefront of the menu, served just out of the oven with butter and honey, with fried chicken and gravy, as buns for a burger, as “Bonuts” (fried biscuit doughnuts), and more. Enjoy your flaky, buttery biscuit any way you want it, for breakfast or lunch, every day of the week.

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10. Embers Ski Lodge 2410 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Aspen meets Nashville at Embers Ski Lodge, where gastropub fare and cocktails reign supreme. Guests can dine in cabin-like environs against a backdrop of Mt. Everest, snacking on everything from burgers, salads, and seafood entrées. The beer and wine offerings are solid, but the massive whiskey list is the true highlight here -- and besides, what better way to start Sunday brunch than with two ounces of rare rye by way of an actual shot-ski?

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11. Mad Donna's 1313 Woodland St, Nashville, TN 37206

This bistro does inventive takes on diner favorites like Mardi Gras mac & cheese with Cajun spices and andouille sausage. Drag queen bingo nights and endless drink specials are also on the menu. If you go for brunch, you get access to a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar, so go for brunch.