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26 Nashville Bars That Are Open on Christmas Day

So, it's Christmas, and it looks like you're stuck in Nashville and can't see your family. Or you've done nothing for three solid days except see your family. Either way, we have the perfect answer: bars exist, they serve alcohol, and 26 of our favorites are open on the 25th itself, ready to serve you up a little holiday spirit.

Pinewood Social
Courtesy of Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social is probably one of the most surprising places open on Christmas, but there are no complaints here! Perhaps, instead of fighting, you can challenge the family to a bowling tournament to let off steam. 

Oak Bar at the Capitol Grille

The Hermitage is beautiful this time of year and, even better, the Oak Bar has one of the city's best whiskey collections.

Broadway Brewhouse

If Santa can go to Broadway, so can you.


Craft cocktails to drown out the holiday stress? Yes please.

Trattoria Il Mulino

If the elf on your shelf tells you to shoot sambuca, it's probably time to head back home. Bad elf.

Robert's Western World

Robert's is perfect when all you really want is a cold domestic and to see no one you know. 

Riverfront Tavern

Same goes for here.

1808 Grille

West End
Because it’s never too early to start. Or keep going till you beg the concierge for a room so you don’t have to go back and crash with your cousin who wets the bed when drinking. 

Suzy Wong’s House of Yum

Bonus: you're bound to find a Mrs. Claus in this neighborhood.

M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers

8th Ave South
For grabbing a beer and not caring to run into everyone you know. 

The Red Door Saloon

You can always count on the ol’ standby.


West End
If you go for breakfast, just hold the orange juice.


The live entertainment doesn’t even take a holiday here.

3 Crow Bar

East Nashville
Because we all know what Santa really wants is a Bushwhacker… 

Beyond the Edge

East Nashville
And a cigarette break. 

The Crying Wolf

East Nashville
Don’t tell Rudolph of this place's affinity for taxidermy.

Embers Ski Lodge

It may not be a white Christmas outside, but here you can have a winter wonderland all year long.

Neighbors of Sylvan Park

Sylvan Park
You won’t need that tacky sweater to stay warm with this crowd.

Springwater Supper Club & Lounge

West End
You can always count on your faithful neighborhood dive to open at noon on Christmas.

Losers and Winners

Side by side, both bars are open. You can flip a coin or choose based on how Cousin Eddie really made you feel this year.


And you’ll have all of Midtown to park his RV.  


Belle Meade
Opt for Sperry's when the whole family needs a drink.

The Greenhouse Bar

Green Hills
If you made it this far, the bartenders know why you’re there and will make damn sure to take care of you.

Crow's Nest

Green Hills
They may even let you stay there.  

Joe’s Place

Green Hills
Or next door.

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Kendall is a Nashville native who always listens to the elf on her shelf.