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The Best Bars in Nashville Right Now

Updated On 01/02/2018 at 10:28AM EST Updated On 01/02/2018 at 10:28AM EST
Gray & Dudley
Gray & Dudley | courtesy of 21c Museum Hotels
Justin Chesney

The 404 Kitchen


Tiny bar, big, big impact
How can a bar with about a half dozen seats be one of the best in town? When it has the breadth and depth of the whiskey collection at 404 Kitchen and talented mixologists to lead you into historical or geographic journeys through the spirits, it has to make the list. And that’s not even mentioning the wine list which features rare bottles that you won’t find in even the biggest restaurant collections. Well, now that we mentioned it, you’ll have to go see it for yourself.

Gertie's Bar at The 404 Kitchen

The Gulch

A new Gulch find with shelves upon shelves of bottles
When Chef Matt Bolus moved The 404 Kitchen across the street into much bigger digs, that freed up room to add an additional bar on the ground floor of the sprawling restaurant. That bar is Gertie’s, named after Gertrude Cleo Lythgoe, known as "Queen of the Bootleggers." The cocktail menu will change seasonally, and the opening salvo features drinks inspired by country music movies through the ages. (Think Walk the Line and Coal Miner’s Daughter.) Bolus designed a food menu around the late-night snacks he himself loves, so that everyone can eat a drink like the chef does.

Andrew Thomas Lee/Bastion



Laid-back, vintage atmosphere and fantastic nachos
Chef and proprietor Josh Habiger claims he designed this Wedgewood-Houston lounge as an extension of his own living room. If that’s true, he must have a real kickass condo, because the eclectic decor of Bastion includes raised platforms used like bleacher seats, funky mid-century furniture, and walls covered with art pieces hung from thin slats of wood running the length of the main room. Behind the bar, shelves are filled with high-end spirits used to create fantastic cocktails and plenty of vintage vinyl for the turntable to keep the party going. The only food item on the bar menu is a surprisingly awesome order of nachos, but the food in Habiger’s attached restaurant is without a doubt some of the best in town.

Bar Sovereign


Like drinking at a (quiet, relaxing) yard sale
Finding this quirky Downtown bar is half the battle. Tucked away in a tiny strip mall next to an actual strip club, the entrance is marked only by a tiny brass sign. Once you’re in, though, you’ll be rewarded by a visual riot of fine art covering the tall walls and wacky wall hangings to draw your gaze in every direction. Attentive bartenders, on the other hand, will gladly draw your attention to the bar menu or make you something up on the fly using exotic ingredients and techniques. Either way you go, you’re bound to be delighted. Despite being only a couple blocks away from the neon lights of Broadway, Bar Sovereign is definitely more of a locals hang than a tourist trap, so if you’re looking for a slightly quieter escape, take a walk on the mild side.

The Green Hour at Tempered Cafe

The Green Hour


Our first and only bar dedicated to the pursuit of absinthe
Absinthe, “The Green Fairy” spirit of lore, has been associated with hallucinations and madness, but rest assured that The Green Hour is all too real. The modern incarnation of absinthe is tamer but no less interesting, as it’s the main component of signature cocktails or presented in a traditional ritual known as La Louche where the spirit is dripped with water over a spoon holding a sugar cube. By day, the building containing The Green Hour is a chocolatier and café, so you’ll need to check for the green light in the window to know when the absinthe starts flowing.

No. 308

East Nashville

A perfect spot for shots and dancing
East Nashvillians who are serious about their drinks often frequent this bar, where the cocktails are thoughtfully inspired and well executed, but where you’re just as likely to see a round of rail whiskey shots lined up along the bar. Five “Writer’s Block” shots are named after famous authors/drinkers and priced to move at $5 apiece. Later at night, the mood becomes more festive as DJs spin vinyl and patrons start their own impromptu dance parties.

Kristin Luna

The Patterson House


A spirits emporium that feels like a library
The first popular proponent of classic cocktails in Nashville, The Patterson House is where many Nashvillians learned that a velvet rope doesn’t necessarily mean a bar is trying to keep people out to create buzz for entry. Instead, this cozy speakeasy with a library vibe seeks to limit the number of patrons so that their talented staff can really pay attention to each individual customer and every finely crafted drink. It’s nice to enjoy a quiet coupe full of rye without some obnoxious bro digging his elbow in your back while trying to order 11 Jäger bombs.

Old Glory


Powerful drinks in a cavernous space
Pay attention to your cocktail glass in this dramatic drinking space. You’re liable to spill as your head rocks back to take in the 40+ foot tall ceilings of the converted dry cleaner boiler room. The late-night party people jam the space in front of the intimate bar as well as nooks and crannies of the multi-level main room. The cocktails are cleverly designed but not overly cute. Instead they aim to kick you squarely in the teeth with bold flavors and great booze.

Sinema Restaurant and Bar



A world-class whiskey collection in a former movie theater
Sinema’s two bars each have their own distinct personality. Downstairs is glitz and glam with a full view of the sweeping lobby that once held crowds waiting for the screening of the latest Hollywood blockbuster in the former movie theater. An elegant staircase leads to the upstairs bar with a more intimate loungey feel. Soft-upholstered booths and headshots of music and cinema stars create the ambiance, and a quirky “concessions” menu of snacks accompanies delicious cocktails cheekily named after movie titles. And although it’s a bit swanky, nobody takes themselves too seriously at Sinema.

Skull's Rainbow Room


Come for the drinks; stay for the burlesque
Don’t call it a comeback, since Skull’s has been around for decades as a Printers Alley stalwart (other than a period when the bar was closed for a few years). It reopened in 2015, and new visitors can appreciate the renovated space and old-school atmosphere at this elegant cocktail emporium, plus the chop house menu and nightly PG-13 burlesque shows. A list of specialty cocktails are named as homages to past characters and locales in downtown Nashville’s history.

Two Ten Jack

Two Ten Jack

East Nashville

The best spot for sake in Nashville
This East Nashville izakaya faithfully recreates a Japanese after-work eating and drinking spot, kind of like the Nipponese equivalent of an Irish pub. Decorated with dark woods and organic materials, Two Ten Jack feels cozy, cool, and masculine at the same time. The bar offers one of the best selections of Japanese single malt whiskeys in town plus shochu, sake, wine, beer, and cocktails. The izakaya tradition is to pair different types of drinks with courses of small plates to build an entire dining and drinking experience, and Two Ten Jack will gladly take you on that journey.

Union Common

Union Common


You'll feel like you’re drinking in a train's elegant bar car
Entering the door at the tip of the triangular building that houses Union Common’s bar is like going back in time. Sleek, art deco-inspired decor and leather stools that look like they were removed from a Porsche call back to the the elegance of bar cars on old trains, accentuated by cars rushing by both sides of the flatiron building. A new rolling bar cart program adds even more class to the proceedings. It’s also at the end of Division St., Nashville’s 2nd biggest party street avenue after Broadway, the perfect place to keep the party pumping.

Acme Feed & Seed

Acme Feed & Seed


Four floors of distinct drinking experiences
The four-story Acme Feed & Seed is almost like a trio of different bars, each with its own individual charm. The kitchen and main stage are downstairs, making the first-floor the best spot for a beer and live music, while the second-floor lounge features two bars with classic cocktails and a chiller ambiance. The rooftop offers one of the best views of Downtown, plus tiki drink specials and beer options.

Andrew Cebulka

Butcher & Bee

East Nashville

Sustainable Mediterranean food to go with the excellent bar
Most of the attention on this cozy East Nashville spot is deservedly on the kitchen’s Israeli and Mediterranean small plates, but don’t sleep on that long bar. The drink menu features plenty of regional craft beers on tap plus a selection of crafty cocktails, including a cheeky “choose your own adventure” option.

Andrea Behrends

L.A. Jackson

The Gulch

Rooftop drinking and dining with a view of the Gulch
On busy nights, the line to get into this rooftop lounge at the hip Thompson Hotel often extends through the lobby 11 floors below. It’s worth the wait to reach the top because floor-to-ceiling windows offer an expansive view of downtown and the bustling crowds skittering around The Gulch. The vibe is sort of a Miami Vice meets old Southern mansion parlor feeling, and there are plenty of fun decor accents to attract the eye. A clever menu of small bites complements a tight list of beers, cocktails and wines so there’s nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy the view.

Danielle Atkins

Nicky's Coal Fired

West Nashville

As good for the coal-fired pizza as it is for its drinks
The focal point of this comfy eatery is the huge, colorful tiled coal-fired oven named Enrico that pumps out pizzas, pastas, and charred vegetables. But the chef’s bar isn’t the only hot spot at Nicky’s -- the bartenders’ bar is also quite enjoyable, and features one of Nashville’s most extensive selection of aperitifs plus an international array of beers. The wine list includes some nice surprises not normally found at your average pizza joint, the creative cocktail program includes terrific frozen drinks like the Fernet & Coke.

Dave Krugman

Urban Cowboy: Public House

East Nashville

A bar and a bed-and-breakfast under one roof
Tucked away in the stable house behind the new Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast in Lockeland Springs, this attractive and cozy little joint seems as if your rich buddy built the most incredible home bar ever in his garden shed. Except it’s doubtful that he would have such talented bartenders working behind the stick and access to the delicious small plates prepared in the tiny adjacent kitchen. As they say, “we always have campfires burning and chili ready to warm your bones after a long day.”

Aaron Ingrao

Attaboy Nashville

East Nashville

A fancy cocktail bar that doesn't need a menu
No, it doesn't have a website, or a published phone number, or even a drinks menu at this buzzy cocktail bar that’s an outpost of the original Attaboy in New York. If you know, you know. Knock loudly on the door so the hostess can hear you and let you in, tell the bartender what you’re in the mood for, and put yourself in their capable hands as they invent a “concoctail” just for you. It’s honestly not nearly as pretentious as it sounds; just a place to hang with people who are deadly serious about great drinks.

Drew Maynard

Black Rabbit


Small bites, fine drinks, and a warm wood stove
Not quite a full-service restaurant, Black Rabbit is intended to be more of a hang where you can begin or end an evening of Downtown festivities. This isn’t to say that the food and the drinks aren’t outstanding. They are! The emphasis is on shareable plates and elevated bar snacks cooked on a fascinating open fire wood stove in full view of the bar. There are more places to stand than to sit, so take a lean and enjoy the show!

Angelina Melody

The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club

East Nashville

New, intimate boozy clubhouse in East Nasty
This clubby new cocktail venue is oozing with cool -- all leather and dark woods and marble and crushed velvet. The only thing sexier than the decor is the menu, filled with inventively boozy, nuanced drinks, and featuring an international list of ingredients from Tennessee whiskey to exotic amari. A thoughtful selection of beer and wine complements the cocktails and a smattering of food options to make for a complete drinking and dining experience.

courtesy of 21c Museum Hotels

Gray & Dudley


High-end comfort food with art on the walls and in your glass
Hotel bars get a bad rap for serving overpriced drinks designed for patrons on an expense account looking to spend their bosses’ money taking the edge off the day before heading up to the room to watch a movie whose title will not appear on the room bill. (Or so we’ve heard...) Gray & Dudley at the 21C Hotel is exactly not that sort of bar. There's an edgy ambiance to its vibrant, high-ceiling space and the cocktails are thoughtfully designed and prepared. They are also reasonably priced, considering the real estate they’re served in.

Hemingway's Bar & Hideaway

Hemingway's Bar & Hideaway


Where to drink like Papa did
This ground floor food and drink spot literally feels like a hideaway, thanks to exposed stone walls and a quaint little conversation nook hidden away at the back of the dining room. Papa Hemingway inspires many of the cocktails on the list, including his namesake daiquiri which is available on tap, so you’re never more than a minute away from enjoying another one. Rather than going into painful detail about each drink on the menu, the list merely mentions the base spirit and then describes the overall vibe of the drink. Enjoy the mysterious adventure, especially on holidays when they create special food and drink pairings for the occasion.

Andrea Behrends

Henley Nashville


Seersucker-appropriate cocktail lounge
Designed like a veranda bar in a Southern mansion, Henley places its focus squarely on creative cocktails that feature top-shelf spirits including many small-batch bourbons. Special attention is also paid to the visual elements of the cocktails, so they are a treat for the eyes as well as the palate. In addition to a selection of interesting wines plus local and regional craft beers, you can also select a treat from a list of brandies, amari, and cordials that don’t appear on most bar menus.

Emily Hall

The Mockingbird

The Gulch

Sleek new art deco cocktail spot
The third leg in Maneet Chauhan’s restaurant-and-bar empire in the same North Gulch building, The Mockingbird is a modern diner serving international fare and clever drinks. Despite the ultra-cool art deco decor, the bar doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering fun drinks like large-format punches to share, and adult juice bags that change seasonally. The classic cocktails are spot-on as well, so don’t feel compelled to order something wacky if you’re not feeling especially froggy.

Rosemary & Beauty Queen

East Nashville

The best spot for drinks and disco that's also... a living room?
If you’re looking for a new home bar, why not try a new bar that’s literally in a home? This cozy East Nashville watering hole emphasizes comfort above all else, and the experience is like paying a buddy to fix you great drinks in your own living room. That’s a lot more fun than it sounds. Local beers, a thoughtful wine list, and a few well-chosen snacks complete the menu, but it’s the inventive cocktails that bring all the boys to the yard. Well, that and the disco soundtrack, gorgeous stained glass windows, and top-shelf spirits. The bar is called Rosemary and the sister restaurant, Beauty Queen, is still fighting zoning hurdles, but it can only get better.

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1. The 404 Kitchen 404 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Housed in a downtown shipping container, this intimate spot barely fits 40 diners, but it's worth a visit if only for its 150-strong whiskey collection that features obscure selections and mainstream brands alike. The dishes emerging from the tiny kitchen -- like the peach and tomato salad, or the rabbit with dandelion greens -- use gamey meats and peasant ingredients like squash, cornbread, and red potatoes to create an assembly of homey flavors.

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2. No. 308 407 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

It may be tiny, but No. 308 packs a punch with its roster of extensive cocktails and fun, dive-like ambiance. Apart from being knowledgable, the bartenders here mix up bespoke house-made syrups infused with soda carbonation that pair seamlessly with the wide variety of whiskeys on offer.

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3. Bar Sovereign 514 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

You have to know where you’re going to find this tiny cocktail emporium hidden away in a strip mall behind a strip club in SoBro. Look for the small brass sign at waist level to locate the door. Once in, bright decor stimulates the eyes while modernist cocktails and food tantalize the tongue. The crowd at this gastropub ranges from tweed vest-wearing hipsters to fluorescent vest-wearing construction workers sitting elbow to elbow at the cozy bar, enjoying a wide range of drinks from esoteric cocktails to canned beers.

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4. Bastion 434 Houston St, Nashville, TN 37203

Bastion began as a cocktail bar, where creatively named-and-mixed drinks like the Jack of No Trades, Black Sails, and Punch of the Day were as much of a draw as its addicting nachos. A few months after it opened in 2016, it added a 24-seat dining room. Tucked behind a sliding door around the main bar, Bastion's restaurant serves intricate dishes from an oft-changing menu. Half the seats face the open kitchen, so you'll be able to watch the cooks plate items like chicken & dumplings over cauliflower cream and sunchoke ice cream with foie gras caramel.

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5. The Green Hour 1201 5th Ave N , Nashville, TN 37208

The Green Hour in Germantown promises a night of absinthe-induced intrigue and very dark chocolate to anyone who comes by the Tempered Café, where the bar is housed, after hours. When the green light in the window is illuminated, signature cocktails, beers and wines, and, most notably, absinthe drips flow freely. The Green Hour also offers a full selection of the Tempered Café’s sweets, including the tempered chocolate that’s made by heating and cooling chocolate in order to stabilize the molecules and put chocolate in an ideal chemical state for ultimate enjoyment.

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6. Old Glory 1200 Villa Pl #103, Nashville, TN 37212

Old Glory in Edgehill Village is an architecturally striking bar that is drop dead gorgeous. At the bottom of a sweeping staircase that enters a hidden alley through the middle of the building, this bar is mixing up a constantly changing roster of booze-forward cocktails that delve into the worlds of tiki and rare, hard-to-find spirits.

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7. The Patterson House 1711 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203

Thanks to its sophisticated decor (cozy, 30-seat bar, vintage chandeliers), and even more sophisticated drinks (get the hickory-smoked cola and whiskey Jennings first and then move on), The Patterson House remains one of the leaders in a town where new, interesting things seem to be happening every minute.

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8. Sinema 2600 Franklin Pike #102, Nashville, TN 37204

Situated in the former Melrose Theatre space, this trendy eatery serves New American fare and craft cocktails in a glitzy, Art Deco-inspired environs. Food offerings provide modern twists on classic dishes, with elegantly presented favorites ranging from truffle arancini to filet mignon. A stellar Sunday brunch menu attracts the masses, but it's a lively dinner spot as well thanks to the extensive whiskey list and corresponding specialty cocktails.

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9. Skull's Rainbow Room 222 Printers Aly, Nashville, TN 37201

Since 1948, Skull's has been the premiere spot in Nashville to get up to no good. This dark, shadowy dive in Printer's Alley operates as a bespoke cocktail bar and burlesque club. Recently reopened with a new PG-13 dancing girl act and a classic chophouse menu, Skull’s has become the retro-chic spot for a new generation of Nashvillians to discover a little slice of the city’s heritage. Plus the exquisite craft cocktails served at the ornate bar rival the best in town. Stop by for their twice-weekly striptease shows and sip on refined cocktails like Sazeracs and Old Fashioneds while you take in the view.

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10. Two Ten Jack 1900 Eastland Ave #105, Nashville, TN 37206

This East Nashville Japanese-inspired pub offers skewers, sushi, and kodawari ramen, and you can wash it all down with a craft beer, glass of wine, cocktail, or a few shots of sweet sake.

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11. Union Common 1929 Broadway, Nashville, KY 37203

Union Common is located where Division meets Broadway in Midtown in lofty space with a triangular dining room where cars stream by on both sides of the restaurant. The art deco interior and cool jazz playing create the perfect ambiance and backdrop for a creative menu designed for sharing large format steaks, served pre-sliced for easy distribution around the table.

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12. Acme Feed & Seed 101 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37201

If you're wandering Lower Broad and have a hankering for poultry, try Acme and their Hot Chicken Sandwich with green peppercorn aioli, American cheese, and pickles, served true American-style between two slabs of white bread. Chicken's certainly not your only option, though; The menu here is divided by meat, so just take your pick of chicken, beef, pork, fish or vegetarian and you're sure to find a modern spin on a classic American dish. Pair it with an affordable cocktail or a domestic draft from their impressive list.

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13. Butcher & Bee 902 Main Street, Nashville, TN 37207

Butcher & Bee in East Nashville is a hip American restaurant with a hidden second floor that looks down on the bustling main bar and dining area like a secret skybox with great booze. The cocktail menu's got spirits like mezcal and pisco, which might be unfamiliar to many casual drinkers but should be a part of any proper drinking repertoire. Pair 'em with some small plates of creative eats with a distinct Mediterranean flair.