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The 8 best craft breweries in Nashville, and what to drink at them

Published On 07/30/2014 Published On 07/30/2014
Fat Bottom
Kendall Mitchell Gemmill
Yazoo Brewing Company
Blackstone Brewing Company
Kendall Mitchell Gemmill
Bryson Leach
Justin Wright
Black Abbey Brewing Company
Czann’s Brewing Company
Facebook/Little Harpeth Brewing
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1. Yazoo Brewing Company 910 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203

One of Nashville's largest breweries, Yazoo cooks up myriad tasty beers in the Gulch, including fan favorites Hop Project (made with different hop varieties in every batch), Dos Perros, Sly Rye Porter, and their 10-Year anniversary white IPA.

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2. Blackstone Brewing Company 1918 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 (West End)

As Nashville’s first craft brewery, Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery opened in 1994 on West End Ave, started distributing as Blackstone Brewing Company from their state-of-the-art brewing and bottling facility in 2011, and today is revered as a pioneer to the local, craft beer movement.

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3. Fat Bottom Brewery 900 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206 (East Nashville)

Head to this East Nashville brewery and taproom, where you can learn how they cook up (and sample) all their popular barley pops, including Ruby Red American Ale, Black Betty IPA, and Java Jane Coffee Porter.

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4. Jackalope Brewing Company 701 Eighth Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

This rustic Gulch brewery is well-known for its flavorful and unique ingredients combos in its unpasteurized, unfiltered beers. You'll want to check out the Love Bird, a wheat beer infused with raspberries and strawberries; the Thunder Ann, made with apricot and mango to highlight the citrus notes of American pale ale; or the Bearwalker Brown Maple Brown, brewed with pure maple syrup used during the conditioning phase.

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5. Tennessee Brew Works 809 Ewing Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 (Downtown)

This Downtown brewery and taproom churns out a whole host of delicious suds, including a number of headliners, seasonals, and various specialty brews.

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6. The Black Abbey Brewing Company 2954 Sidco, Nashville, TN 37204 (Berry Hill)

This Berry Hill brewery and taproom is set with long tables stemming from the cathedral-like bar, encouraging a true, brewery experience of getting to know your neighbor over a pint... or three. Try their Brother Maynard, a Belgian-style pale ale; POTUS 44, a robust coffee porter; or Chapter House, a Belgian-style red from their seasonal collection.

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7. Czann’s Brewing Company 505 Lea Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 (Sobro)

Owner and operator of Czann's, Ken Rebman, was a home-brewer for more than 10 years before he opened Bzann's in 2011 with the simple approach of crafting the balance between flavorful malt and hop bitterness, which led to a rapid tap takeover in town for his blonde and pale ale brews.

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8. Little Harpeth Brewing 30 Oldham St, Nashville, TN 37213 (East Nashville)

This East Nashville brewery is unique in that they specialize in German-style lagers, a rarity in an ale-heavy brewing scene. Try their Double Paddle, a potent dopplebock with 10% alcohol content yet; Stax Black, a black lager; or High Water, a dunkel lager inspired by the brown beers of Munich.



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