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This guy is drinking 10 Cokes a day for a month

Alan Martin ate six weeks of Olive Garden bottomless pasta. John Cisna ate 90 days of McDonald's. And now, George Prior is drinking 10 Cokes daily for 30 days, much to the delight of cash-strapped local dentists.

Late last month, the LA Dad kicked off his grand cola experiment. Like that Spurlock dude, he got a physical ahead of time so he could compare his weight, cholesterol, and all the other stuff your doctor scolds you about before and after the diet. Now on day 25, he says he's definitely put on some pounds and body fat, and his glucose is all over the place. But he would also like to assure his concerned friends that he's not going to die, and resents being called a "dumb-***". We'll presumably have the final results of his soda binge by next week. Regardless of the outcome, his family should be very grateful he didn't go with Surge.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and only drinks like two Cokes a week, okay?! Follow her at @kristin_hunt.