110-Year-Old Woman Says Miller High Life Is the Secret to Eternal Life

Forget daily handfuls of almonds and blueberries -- the key to a long life is a healthy dose of the Champagne of Beers.

According to The Record, a 110-year-old New Jersey woman named Agnes Fenton, who celebrated her birthday last Saturday, chalks her long life up to the wonders of the Miller High Life.

Fenton -- who is so cool she casually told the paper, "The birthday is just another day" -- claims that following a benign tumor many years ago (her only serious health concern to date), her doctor gave her this sage advice: drink three Miller High Lifes a day.

So, for the last 70 years, Fenton has been doing just that, coupling her three Miller High Lifes with a shot of Scotch (she prefers Johnnie Walker Blue Label, naturally).

Unfortunately, because Fenton now eats so little (her favorite foods include chicken wings, green beans, and sweet potatoes), her caregivers have stopped letting her drink alcohol. When asked if they would let her enjoy a shot on her birthday, Fenton answered like a true 110-year-old boss: "They better."

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