3D printing your own Aston Martin is uhhh...one way to do it?

Apparently there's a lad by the name of Ivan Sentch living down in Auckland, New Zealand who's taken it upon himself and his second generation Solidoodle printer to ooze out a full scale replica of a 1961 Series II Aston Martin DB4, which will allegedly be powered by a 250HP Nissan Skyline drivetrain. He's got the mold about 72% assembled, with the plan of casting the panels out of fiberglass later this year, which for a side project he's only been working on for about 8 months is pretty damn impressive.

The shape is already really coming together, this picture is from a few months ago. Once it's done he'll pour on fiberglass to create a 1:1 mold and get to sanding. This isn't his first replica car project, so I wouldn't be surprised if at the end it was indistinguishable from the real thing (on the outside, at least).

Even through the janky project shots you can tell how sexy this car is.

He's modeled the car 100% in a program called 3DS Max, which I'm told is no small feat.