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4 flasks you'll want to get a-ho-ho-hold of this season

Published On 12/03/2013 Published On 12/03/2013

Finally, something to make caroling actually tolerable. Here to help spread holiday cheer while keeping you nice and toasty, these dual purpose flasks feature exuberant statements that'll reaffirm anyone's notion to get Scrooged at the holiday party.

1. Let's Get Scrooged Flask 2. True Fabrications New Year's 2014 Flask 3. Ho Ho Oh No Flask

Looking for a great way to tell that excessive uncle/cousin/friend/mom that they might want to take it down a notch? Send mixed messages with a sleek "Ho Ho Oh No (I Drank Too Much Again)" number.

And for the Christmakuh enthusiast, we've got this handy wine key in Judaism Blue, with a nice emboldened "L'Chaim" sprawled across the handle, loosely translating to YOLO in Hebrew.