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5 awesome ice cube trays that'll change the way you drink

Dave Presley

True Fabrications Neptune Ice Ball Tray

Listen up avid drink enthusiast, because we're about to take your boring ass freezer from PBS documentary about Millard Filmore to PBS documentary about Grover Cleveland. And if that wasn't enough to blow your mind, check out these rocks trays that'll transform your water into cold, hard cash…

Dave Presley

Fred & Friends ChillBots Robot Ice Cube Tray

Robots are great. They dance and light up and fight crime in Detroit while never really realizing their power as autonomous beings. Ensure it stays that way by showing 'em who's boss and enlisting them to chill that Shirley Temple.

Dave Presley

Fred & Friends Cool Shooters Shot Glass Ice Mold

Shot glasses are annoying to wash, break easily, and can't change from solids to liquids to vapor. Some genius then went through great deliberation, constructed this tray that freezes shot glasses for you, and then invited all of his buddies over to do shots and didn't have to clean up anything.

Dave Presley

Fred & Friends Spiked Ice Cube Tray

When you said ice cubes were dangerous, everyone laughed. Who's laughing now, Bill?!! These cubes are a great way to spike the punch at holiday office parties, community fundraisers, and Bill's condescending potluck gatherings.

Dave Presley

Gama Go Cold Hard Cash Ice Cube Mold

Step 1: Freeze water. Step 2: ???? Step 3: Profit. Turn your liquid assets into cold, hard cash and get ready to split the equity of that vodka bottle. The tray itself is made of a durable, green rubber that'll allow multiple withdraws, never breaking the bank.