A $17,000 scotch, now available at Costco

Macallan scotch

The next time you stop by Costco to bulk up on toilet paper and frozen taquitos, you can also swing by the liquor section and drop a few G's on an ultra-rare scotch. Or at least you can in Scottsdale, AZ. The city's Costco is currently offering a crazy fancy bottle of Macallan for sale, and it's a steal at $17,000. To be fair, this particular Scotch was aged 60yrs, comes in Lalique crystal, and is one of only 400 bottles produced. And someone must owe the Scottsdale Costco an outrageous favor, 'cause of those 400, only 72 are available in the U.S. As the local news crews have been eager to point out, a single shot of this stuff would cost you about $1000, so you might want to save it for a nicer occasion than beating Halo 5. You can get some more deets in the video below, which also includes a hi-larious prank by Fox Phoenix's Troy Hayden: