A centuries-old Dutch shot-and-a-beer ritual you had no idea existed

bols genever and pils

Of the many prolific societal contributions from the Dutch (under-covers farting, really complicated rope-jumping), possibly the most incredible one is one you likely didn't even know existed: The Kopstootje, aka the "little head butt", aka the coolest, classiest shot you will ever do.

This centuries-old Netherland-ian tradition goes like this: the bartender fills a tulip-shaped shot glass to the absolute brim with Bols Genever (gin's older, cooler brother who smokes cigarettes and has a bunch of Playboys). Then (as illustrated above), you put your hands behind your back, bend over (don't head butt anyone!), and sip the top off of the shot. That done, you take down the rest of the shot normal-style, and casually enjoy a pils side beer. Need a visual aid? Good, cause we got together a bunch of lovely lady friends and did the crap out of this thing on video. See below. You, are welcome.