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A liqueur that tastes like Texas

Currently being Kickstarted by a native Texan who was inspired by an Italian walnut liqueur, Pecano is made from... you guessed it! Pecans. The nuts are sourced from the Hill Country, then combined with other natural ingredients to create a vintage spirit whose flavors ages as gracefully as Helen Mirren, and will make 25-year-old girls look ALMOST as hot as her.

Pecano liqueur poured over ice cream

The founder suggests drinking it neat, but if you'd rather go messy, it's also great poured on top of ice cream.

Contributions go towards building a production facility, acquiring supplies to make 1500 bottles, and navigating Texas's byzantine liquor regulation. Should you choose to make a generous donation, you'll receive everything from a tour of the facilities to a kit with everything you need to make a liqueur of your own. So maybe do that.