All hail Ommegang's next Game of Thrones beer: Take the Black Stout

ommegang brewery game of thrones beer take the black stout

The brew-masters over at Ommegang apparently have a whole lot more sense than know-nothing Jon Snow, and're continuing their Game of Thrones beer series (kicked off by the dastardly Lannister-inspired Iron Throne Blonde Ale) with Take the Black Stout, a dark, 7% ABV licorice root-tinged brew that's sure to warm your belly during a cold night on the wall... or on your couch if your roommate forgot to close the fridge again


Ommegang, which partnered with HBO to make the brews, describes Take the Black as "a stout as dark as the Winters that once engulfed Westeros, as robust as the men who swear their oaths at the weirwood tree" -- although hopefully buying this chocolate-and-caramel-noted brew won't involve a vow of celibacy. The stout will come in 750mL bottles and'll be available at Ommegang-hawking bars and retailers soon, barring a full-scale wildling invasion. Remain vigilant (for beer), watchers on the wall.