Brew K-Cups Anywhere With This Ingenious Thermos

Anycafe Travel Brewer
Anycafe Travel Brewer

Whether you love them, hate them, or simply tolerate them because they are the only thing you have in your office, you can't deny the convenience of K-Cups. Aside from instant coffee (which we all can agree is objectively worse) there's not really an easier way to get a quick cup of joe. 

The AnyCafé Travel Brewer captures that convenience in an all-in-one portable package. Not only does it brew K-Cups self-sufficiently, it filters them directly into a handy thermos. It's a cold-weather miracle in the palm of your hand! Or at least something to get you through those holiday road trips with unpleasant relatives. 

According to its Kickstarter, the AnyCafé uses a totally original, patent-pending continuous brewing method that can take water of any temperature and a K-Cup, and produce 9.5oz of piping-hot coffee in the same time it takes to use a regular Keurig machine. The coffee drains straight into the thermos, ready to be sipped at your leisure. (Note: This thermos is NOT an official Keurig product... if that matters to you for some reason.)

The thermos uses a rechargeable lithium battery, which can reheat your beverage if it goes cold. The device can brew tea bags too, if coffee isn't quite your thing. 

The company also claims on its Kickstarter page that it is working towards a solution for facilitating loose grounds to alleviate the environmental concerns that plague K-Cups' reputation, but nothing is imminent. 

AnyCafé  is scheduled to roll out in phases during 2017. And you can get one in your under-caffeinated mitts by pledging $69 (nice) -- which will give you the thermos and a 12v charger... but not till October of next year.

Womp womp. On the plus side, it is dishwasher-safe.

Nevertheless, this gives you an entire year to stock up on K-Cups that actually don't suck

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