Beasting an epic 18%-ABV beer

bottle of Avery's The Beast

Colorado super-brewer Avery has created their impressively dangerous, limited-edition, Belgian-style The Beast before, but it's never hit 18% ABV until this year. So in honor of that, we rounded up some other beasts we know to give it the ol' you-would-never-drink-this-in-college try.

glass of Avery's The Beast

Beast Reviewer: Beast (of Beauty and the Beast)
Thoughts: I'll tell you a tale as old as time: I'm f**king depressed. Lumière and that stupid teapot made me drink this because I was having a "bad day", and they said it would cheer me up. It did, I guess. No one will ever love me, but at least I have a really, really strong beer to keep me company. I'm not sure I agree that it's a rare beer, because I live in a goddamn castle, and I could buy all 600 cases of this beer if I wanted. You want some of that haul? Be my guest, be my guest! Tasted a little like Cognac.

bottle of Avery's The Beast

Beast Reviewer: Beast (of X-Men)
Thoughts: I'm a doctor. Enough with the "Where's your stethoscope?" and "Can I get a ton of Oxycontin?" "jokes" -- I get enough of those from Logan. I do perform routine surgeries on whoever is foolhardy enough to join Gambit's bridge game, but I am always and foremost a doctor of science. And this is science at its finest. It's strong enough to put blue hair on anyone's chest, and has some nice sweet, dark fruit notes that are apparent at first sip. On a side note, I was totally at best when Jim Lee drew me... What in tarnation ever happened to that guy? WildC.A.T.s? Really?!?

bottle of Avery's The Beast

Beast Reviewer: The Beast (of The Sandlot)
Thoughts: WOOF! Growl. WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF! *slobbers on himself*
Translation: I really shouldn't be drinking beer, but those doggone kids keep coming into my yard. They say they're looking for a ball, but I eat all those things and poop out the covers, so I'm not sure what they think they're getting out of these stupid Erector sets. Anyways, did you know the beer is made with six different hops, six malts, and six brewing sugars? Also, Darth Vader owns me.

bottle and glass of Avery's The Beast

Beast Reviewer: Altered Beast (from the game Altered Beast)
Thoughts: It's rough fighting the undead. Those orbs I eat all the time? I know they look kinda like they have beer in them, and all my unaltered beast buddies are like "Oh man, bro, you have the best job ever, just eating beer orbs all day, friggin' party", but let me tell you something: no beer. Thank god this bottle did have beer in it, although it almost tasted like liqueur, but in a good way. And at that strength, it should definitely keep me buzzed as I spend my night just walking and walking and walking from left to right.

Every Beast agrees, this beer is pretty darn good! So if you live in PA, VA, WY, MA, SC, NY, TX, FL, WA, or CO, you're lucky enough to be able to pick some up and get beasting on it yourself.