A baller beer advent calendar full of boozy Christmas magic

Back in the day, popping candy out of the cardboard doors of your advent calendar was basically the best part of Winter... besides, you know, Christmas presents. So why stop just because you're an adult who sleeps on queen-sized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bedsheets? If you aren't already enjoying your whiskey advent calendar, you should definitely take a page from this awesome Redditor's book and create your own custom beervent calendar.

Redditor Yssej constructed this wonder out of nothing more than mailing tubes, glue, and duct tape, before loading it with 25 different craft brews. Then she presented it to a lucky sonofabitch her husband. Seems like a simple enough feat of engineering, and since we're already into December, you'll have to down six brews immediately to "catch up". Go make one, already!