How Much Beer Does Each State Consume?

In The United States of Craft Beer: A Guide to the Best Craft Breweries Across America, beer industry vet Jess Lebow gives his picks for the finest brewery in each state. And while we don't want to spoil his choices -- you can read them all when the book drops next month -- we did want to share the fascinating beer consumption stats Lebow included. The numbers reflect the average amount of beer consumed annually by a citizen of legal age in each state. Plus DC, because the district more than holds its own. See where your home state ranks below:

Alabama: 30.2 gallons
Alaska: 28.7 gallons
Arizona: 29.5 gallons
Arkansas: 26.7 gallons
California: 25.5 gallons
Colorado: 30 gallons
Connecticut: 22 gallons
Delaware: 33.6 gallons
Florida: 27.4 gallons
Georgia: 25.7 gallons
Hawaii: 30.4 gallons
Idaho: 27.8 gallons
Illinois: 29.1 gallons
Indiana: 25.9 gallons
Iowa: 33.6 gallons
Kansas: 28.3 gallons
Kentucky: 24.4 gallons
Louisiana: 33.9 gallons
Maine: 34 gallons
Maryland: 23.2 gallons
Massachusetts: 26.2 gallons
Michigan: 26.8 gallons
Minnesota: 28.5 gallons
Mississippi: 33.9 gallons
Missouri: 31 gallons
Montana: 41 gallons
Nebraska: 35.2 gallons
Nevada: 35.8 gallons
New Hampshire: 43.9 gallons
New Jersey: 22.4 gallons
New Mexico: 32.4 gallons
New York: 22.4 gallons
North Carolina: 27.1 gallons
North Dakota: 45.8 gallons
Ohio: 30.1 gallons
Oklahoma: 28.3 gallons
Oregon: 30.3 gallons
Pennsylvania: 28.6 gallons
Rhode Island: 26.3 gallons
South Carolina: 32.7 gallons
South Dakota: 38.9 gallons
Tennessee: 26.2 gallons
Texas: 34.4 gallons
Utah: 20.2 gallons
Vermont: 35.3 gallons
Virginia: 26.7 gallons
Washington: 24.8 gallons
Washington DC: 28.3 gallons
West Virginia: 30.3 gallons
Wisconsin: 36.2 gallons
Wyoming: 33 gallons

Given their very bizarre liquor laws, Utah's low tally makes total sense. But North Dakota clearly knows how to party, and based on the intel out of New Hampshire, those maple tours are way headier than the brochures would have you believe. Might wanna consider booking one, before New England finally thaws out sometime this May.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and was very pleased with Jess Lebow's pick for her home state. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.