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Beer is more effective than psychotherapy, says this German health official

Published On 11/11/2013 Published On 11/11/2013
Pint of beer

Not only can beer make you live longer, it can apparently sub in for a psychotherapist. At least that's what Josef Hecken, chairman of the Federal Joint Committee in Germany, has been saying lately, to much praise and applause. Wait, did we say praise and applause? That should be the complete opposite of that. Derision. Lots of derision

According to The Local, Hecken's Federal Joint Committee determines which treatments are offered by the statutory health system, so when he talks therapy, people tend to listen. Only his audience wasn't exactly thrilled with his latest comments that not every citizen needs a psychotherapist and sometimes, they should just down a warm glass of Hefeweizen and call it a day

The German psychology community was understandably a little pissed, and started circulating a "protest letter" accusing the man of stigmatizing patients with psychiatric disorders. Hecken has since tried to backtrack and clarify that he only meant people suffering from stuff like occasional sleeping problems might wanna try a beer before signing up for psychotherapy. But the guy's still in deep Scheisse. Consider him uninvited from ALL foreseeable health-official Hasselhoff parties.



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