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Beer Pong Golf Is the New Sport You Need to Master

Published On 11/07/2016 Published On 11/07/2016

Bridging the gap between generations can be a dangerous, slippery mistress.

Really, there are only two go-to outlets to break the Winterfell-esque wall of ice between baby boomers and their young(ish) offspring: sports and drinking. It's basically all we have in common. They defy gender, age, and overall opinion about politics and Westworld and whatnot. 

And if you are somehow able combine the two (while using a sport that requires virtually no exercise), you've got a goldmine of parental bondage. I mean bonding. You know what I meant. Consider beer pong golf, brought to you by YouTube channel Celebrities in Golf Carts, where Brian Baumgartner -- almost exclusively known as endearing oaf "Kevin" from The Office -- stopped by the links for a quick match. 

Sure, it might just be another added twist to a classic drinking game, but it combines a love of guzzling pitchers with a need to practice your short game. And it gives you something to do with your parents that isn't dissecting all the bad choices you've made in your love life (but you don’t care because you love Brad even though he rides a motorcycle).

Everyone wins! Except the groundskeepers at this course... at least. Have you ever tried to scrub 12 pitchers worth of suds off neatly manicured Bermudagrass? It's harder than blowing up a gopher.

But in the end, it'll make Mom and Pop happy. So it has that going for it. 

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