These guys are brewing Belgian beers, honoring WWII freedom fighters

Some breweries have been kicking for so long, they could write their own personal history textbooks. Belgian Underground Brewing is not one of them -- it was founded just a few years ago -- but they are drawing from some fascinating old World War II tales in their venture, which aims to marry Belgian beers with Belgian Resistance lore.

Belgian Underground Brewing was started by three guys: Sheldon Lesire, Dale Coleman, and Eric Druliner. Sheldon is a Belgian-American whose Grandpa participated in the Belgian Resistance in WWII, and he was bummed to discover while growing up in Silverton, OR that no one on his block knew about those courageous rebels. But his childhood bud Eric was into the stories, and so was his father-in-law Dale, and all three of them were super into Belgian beers. So in a stroke of pure synergy, they decided to create a brewery that would introduce people to authentic Belgian-style brews and stories about the heroes of the Belgian Resistance. Because as everyone knows, history lessons go down much better with a nice cold ale.

They already have four beers on the books, but they want to expand into a full-on nanobrewery. This is where you come in. Like any good underground movement, the brewery has turned to crowdfunding -- their Kickstarter is currently very close to the $15,000 goal, but they need a final push before the project ends tomorrow. Help 'em out if you're into badass Belgian history, beer, or Grandpas. There're some growler and European cheek-kiss rewards (seriously) for your trouble.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist. History and beer are two of her favorite things. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.