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The 12 Best Bloody Marys in America

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Bloody Mary fest
Courtesy of ABSOLUT® 

It’s some special kind of magic (probably bestowed upon us by the brunch gods) that tomato juice, vodka, assorted spices, and absurdly over-the-top garnishes make any 1pm mashup meal even better. So in conjunction with the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival (presented by FOOD & WINE) and the cast of Chopped, ABSOLUT® vodka recently held a Mary-off between restos around the country. And now it’s time to reveal the winning Bloody, the 11 other finalists, and a bunch of jealousy-inducing photos of the massive event in NYC. 

Bloody Beaux Thai
Courtesy of ABSOLUT® 

Winner: Bloody Beaux Thai (pictured right up there)

Where it’s from:TenOak, Austin, TX
Who made it: David Wakefield
What’s in it:
1 ½ parts ABSOLUT® Cilantro
4 parts Bloody Mary mix
½ part Sriracha
¾ parts dill pickle juice
½ part Creole-style hot sauce
Pinch ground mustard
Pinch Creole seasoning
Pinch celery salt
Dash Worcestershire sauce

Prepping Bloody Marys
Courtesy of ABSOLUT® 

“Jamaican Me Crazy” Bloody Mary

Where it’s from: The Duck Dive, San Diego, CA
Who made it: Robert McShea
What’s in it:
1 ½ parts ABSOLUT® Citron
1 ½ parts yellow heirloom tomato purée
2 parts “Bloody Jerk” mix
½ part agave nectar
A squeeze of lemon juice
1 jerk-rubbed prawn
1 grilled mango chip

Havana Mary

Where it’s from:Lure, Miami, FL
Who made it: Josh Gonzalez
What’s in it:
2 parts ABSOLUT®
2 parts fresh-pressed Guarapo (sugar cane juice)
2 parts fresh mango purée
1 part fresh-squeezed lime juice
½ part unsweetened Cuban coffee
Diced green bell pepper
Minced serrano chilies
Minced cilantro
Pinch salt & pepper
Pinch adobo seasoning

A table of Bloody Marys
Courtesy of ABSOLUT® 

Bitter Mary

Where it’s from: High Velocity at JW Marriott, Indianapolis, IN
Who made it: Jessica Taylor
What’s in it:
 2 parts ABSOLUT®
½ part Suze bitters
2 parts yellow heirloom tomato juice
½ part lemon juice
¼ part celery juice
¼ part yellow bell pepper juice
1/8 part Orchard Street Shrub
1/16 part Thai bitters

Yellow Heirloom Tomato Bloody Mary

Where it’s from:Saul Good Restaurant & Pub, Lexington, KY
Who made it: Jeffrey Mayer
What’s in it:
½ part ABSOLUT® Peppar
1 ½ parts ABSOLUT® Cilantro
4 parts heirloom tomato juice
Heavy dash Tobasco
Dash steak sauce
3 cranks fresh ground pepper
1 squeeze fresh lime juice
Fresh cilantro
Cilantro salt for rimming

Best Bloody Mary event
Courtesy of ABSOLUT®

Maggie’s Bloody Bowery

Where it’s from:Sons of Essex, New York, NY
Who made it: Emmy Scelsi
What’s in it:
2 part ABSOLUT® Peppar
4 parts green tomato juice
4 parts red tomato juice (poured separately)
Pinch horseradish
Pinch salt & pepper
Pinch celery salt
Dash Old Bay seasoning
Dash of chili powder
Worcestershire sauce
Spicy mustard

Verde Mary

Where it’s from:Red Fish Grill, New Orleans, LA
Who made it: Melanie Glueck
What’s in it:
1 ½ parts ABSOLUT® Citron
4 parts tomatillo and heirloom tomato purée
½ part jalapeño
Cilantro, onion, and garlic purée
Pinch celery salt
Fresh-squeezed lime juice
1 fresh jalapeño
1 cocktail onion
1 cherry tomato
1 pickled okra
1 green onion straw

Absolut Peppar bottle
Courtesy of ABSOLUT® 

The Hell Mary

Where it’s from:Top of the Hub, Boston, MA
Who made it: Arley Howard
What’s in it:
Yellow heirloom tomato purée
Roasted scotch bonnet
Raisin purée

Iber Miguel

Where it’s from:Root Kitchen and Wine Bar, Chattanooga, TN
Who made it: Gabriel Camp
What’s in it:
¾ parts ABSOLUT® Cilantro
½ part ABSOLUT® Peppar
¼ part Correlajo añejo tequila
4 parts yellow heirloom Bloody Mary mix
Pickled shrimp
Salsa Verde
Heirloom tomato pico de gallo
Adobo-dusted tortilla chips
Lemon & lime

Bloody Mary closeup
Courtesy of ABSOLUTE®


Where it’s from:The Cellar Peanut Pub, Oskaloosa, IA
Who made it: Marty Duffy
What’s in it:
1 part ABSOLUT® Peppar
3 parts Clamato juice
3 dashes pickle juice
12 dashes Worcestershire sauce
Pinch garlic spread seasoning
Pinch fancy paprika
Pinch cayenne pepper
Pinch celery salt
Pinch California garlic salt
Pinch seasoned salt
Pinch Mediterranean seasoning
Pinch ghost pepper sea salt
Pinch smoked bacon sea salt
Pinch Rustic Tuscan seasoning
Pinch chili powder

Ain’t No Thing But a Chicken Wing

Where it’s from: Buffalo Wild Wings, Westminster, CO
Who made it: Alex Marvin
What’s in it:
1 part ABSOLUT®
4 parts Bloody Mary mix
1 part pickle juice
1 part jalapeño juice
Dash liquid smoke
Dash Worcestershire sauce
2 dashes of paprika
2 dashes of cayenne pepper
Dash horseradish cream
2 dashes of garlic salt
2 dashes of pepper

Bloody Mary shrimp
Courtesy of ABSOLUT® 

Garden Bloody Mary Blend

Where it’s from:Tavola Restaurant + Bar, Springield, PA
Who made it: Irene Moretti
What’s in it:
¾ shot ABSOLUT® Peppar
½ shot ABSOLUT® Cilantro
4 parts Sacramento tomato juice
1 part purée of crushed tomatoes
1 part pickle-and-brine purée
½ part horseradish
5 dashes Worcestershire sauce
4 dashes steak sauce
3 dashes Tabasco
3 pinches celery seed
2 pinches sea salt and black pepper
Pinch ground mustard
Pinch adobo spice
Pinch garlic powder
Pinch lemon pepper