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Alaska Is an Untapped Beer Paradise

Published On 07/27/2016 Published On 07/27/2016
Courtesy of Arkose Brewery

Arkose Brewery

Palmer, AK

There's always something special about a husband and wife who can come together to make beautiful things happen. In the case of Arkose, it's fantastic beer. Married co-owners Stephen and June Geteisen work together to develop recipes that are often inspired by great jazz songs, whether it's the No. 5 Boxcar porter, the juicy Palmer extra pale ale, or the smooth Bitter Earth ESB. If you're in town and looking to check them out, their paint and pints nights are a nice draw (and the sweeping mountain views from their back patio don't hurt, either).

Courtesy of Alaskan Brewing Co.

Alaskan Brewing Co.

Juneau, AK

It might not shock you that Alaska's biggest brewery is also one of its longest running (it was the first brewery to open its doors in the state since Prohibition back in 1986). In what is good news for many of us, you may not have to travel to find iconic hits like Alaskan Amber (they’re available in more than a dozen states in the Lower 48), but making your way to Juneau and swinging through the taproom will open your eyes up to some of its harder-to-find hits like the Smoked Porter or batches from its pilot series like Raspberry Wheat or SMaSH Galaxy double IPA.

Gabe Fletcher

Anchorage Brewing Co.

Anchorage, AK

If you've ever heard one of your bottle-trading beer-geek friends gushing about something they scored from Alaska, there's a very good chance it came from Anchorage Brewing Co. Its reputation precedes it as one of the best breweries in the game on a national level, let alone in Alaska, drawing in collaborations from the likes of New Belgium and the legendary Hill Farmstead. Hitting up the taproom is a must for anyone swinging through Anchorage (it's a very short drive from Downtown), where you can sip the likes of Crazy Ray's IPA, Darkest Hour imperial stout, or Anadromous, a black sour ale aged in whiskey and pinot noir barrels. We promise this is all even better than it sounds.

Cassidy Swick

Baranof Island Brewing Co.

Sitka, AK

The former Russian capital of Alaska (where the sale and hand-off officially took place) can also brag about being home to Baranof Island Brewing Co. (named for the island on which Sitka's located), which has won a devoted following since opening in 2010. How devoted? Each year, locals go out and harvest spruce tips by hand to help make its fresh seasonal batch of Sitka Spruce Tip Ale each spring (with the chance to win a free keg if they bring in the most). You'll find a beer you love no matter what time of year it is, though, whether it's the Vanilla Stout, Halibut Point hefeweizen, or Peril Strait pale ale.

Denali Brewing Company

Denali Brewing Co.

Talkeetna, AK

Anyone heading north to catch a glimpse of the tallest mountain in North America owes it to themselves to stop by the brewery that's named after it. And not just because it's convenient: it happens to be pretty damn good at the whole beer-making thing. You might be able to find its Twister Creek IPA in bars around the state, but stopping by the brewery means you'll get to try beers like the Agave Gold or oak barrel-aged Louisville Sour, which are off-the-charts good. The bonus is that even though it's recently expanded and moved into bigger digs, visiting still puts you in easy range to check out the cozy-cool town of Talkeetna (where they have a famous cat mayor).

Haines Brewing Co.

Haines, AK

If you asked locals, the beer and vibe at Haines Brewing Co. has only gotten better after its recent move from its original location (which appeared in the movie White Fang). The number of available beers has swelled thanks to the equipment improvements and space upgrades: when you're perusing the tap menu, don't miss the Black Fang imperial stout or Captain Cook's Spruce Tip Ale. If you're there during the warmer months, it might be impossible to top the experience of taking in those beers surrounded by mountain views on the back patio.

Darcy Kniefel

Midnight Sun Brewing Company

Anchorage, AK

There's so much that can be said about Midnight Sun Brewing -- from the hilarious background stories behind the names of top-selling brews, to the super-friendly staff in the taproom, to the wall-mounted salmon that dispenses draft beer -- that it's easy to lose sight of the fact that the beers it makes are so damn good. Everything from top-notch barleywines and puckering sours (like Buzzwinkle) to bold stouts and well-balanced IPAs (like Pleasure Town) find their way into the bottles and kegs here, easily making it one of the state's top beer destinations since it opened two decades ago. Of course, travelers are rewarded with bottles that are only sold at the brewery, so consider packing those bags if you want to really get to know these guys… and make use of that wall-mounted beer salmon.

Odd Man Rush Brewing

Eagle River, AK

Walking into the lively tap room at Odd Man Rush is usually the first sign that the beer here is something the locals can really get behind. Once you make your way through the crowd and start looking over the beer list, it becomes pretty clear that things here are on more adventurous side for Alaskan brewing. There are plenty of standouts, but if you get the chance, consider ordering El Guapo "Hot Blonde" (made with 80lbs of Anaheim, jalapeño, and habanero chile peppers per batch) and More Cowbell chocolate milk stout.

Karen Wilken/HooDoo Brewing Co.

HooDoo Brewing Co.

Fairbanks, AK

In an industry where it's more common to find brewers who ditched desk jobs than it is to find a dyed-in-the-wool, globally educated beer-maker, HooDoo stands out. Brewmaster and owner Bobby Wilken was born and raised in Fairbanks before picking up brewing education in Chicago and Germany, before cutting his professional teeth at Alaskan Brewing in Juneau. He struck out on his own in 2011, opening a brewery in his hometown where his wide experience shows in his unfussy yet well-rounded offerings like the Maibock Lager, Scottish Export, and HooDoo Stout. If delicious beer isn't enough, try to visit on a Caturday, where the brewery hosts an adoption drive for local shelters.

Mike Healy

Skagway Brewing Co.

Skagway, AK

If you've made the decision to hop on a ferry (or tiny plane) and make your way to Skagway, there's a very good chance you're going to be thirsty when you get there. And if you can hold off on touring some haunted brothels or hiking to Yakutania Point when you arrive, your first stop should probably be the town's namesake brewpub. A recent expansion of brewing capacity is adding to its list of hit beers, but if you only get to try one, make sure to get yourself a pint of the Spruce Tip Ale: it uses locally harvested spruce tips to make a fresh, citrusy pale ale that basically put the brewery on the map. Also, Alaskans really love their spruce tips!

Seward Brewing Co.

Seward, AK

The owners of Seward Brewing Co. open up their doors in early May to pump out a new beer every month through the summer before slowing down for the winter to take a trip somewhere warm. This doesn't meant they're not getting stuff done: it just gives them the perfect excuse to brew slower-production beers (think lagers and barrel-aged varieties). If you're there in season, make it a point to swing by and try their Pinbone IPA, which is so tropical and citrusy you would swear it was from Hawaii, or their Inked Out Stout, which the brewers themselves describe as "a mosh pit of chocolate, coffee and delta blues." You won't regret it.

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1. Arkose Brewery 650 E. Steel Loop, Palmer, AK 99645

Owned and operated by a husband and wife duo -- the former of whom has degrees in biology and German; the latter with a background in the arts and psychology -- this Palmer microbrewery channels its diverse experiences into some excellent beer. The homey spot is a locale for frequent community events ranging from paint nights to beer and gourmet chocolate tastings. If that doesn’t hook you already, consider this: the outdoor patio features sweeping views of stunning snow-capped mountains in the distance.

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2. Alaskan Brewing Co. 5429 Shaune Dr, Juneau, AK 99801

Tradition and local pride are at the heart of this Juneau brewery. Helmed by a married couple, Alaskan Brewing Co. has been serving craft beers since they opened in 1986, making it one of the oldest breweries in the state and the first to open in Juneau since Prohibition. Inspired by the historical brews of the Gold Rush era, the brewery sources exclusive regional ingredients like Sitka spruce tips, glacial water, and alder smoke. The result is flavor-rich beers ranging from year-round staples like white beers and stouts, to seasonal offerings like pumpkin ale and limited edition hits like the jalapeño double IPA.

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3. Anchorage Brewing Company 148 W 91st Ave, Anchorage, AK 99515

Craft beer lovers rejoice: Anchorage Brewing Company is cooking up some highly inventive brews unlike anything else in the game. Helmed by founding brewer Gabe Fletcher, ABC specializes in experimental barrel fermentation with brettanomyces and souring cultures, making it one of the more cutting edge brands in the nation. If you knew what brettanomyces were without having to Google them, you should probably be boarding a plane to Anchorage right now. Just make sure to try the Anadromous, a Belgian black sour ale aged in pinot noir and bourbon barrels.

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4. Baranof Island Brewing Company 215 Smith St, Sitka, AK 99835

While it may have started out as a small local operation, Baranof Island Brewing Company gained traction so rapidly that the Sitka-based brewery had no choice but to expand their operations. There's a lot of regional love in their brews, which feature native ingredients specific to the area: naturally occurring glacial water and Sitka spruce needles, the latter of which are lovingly hand-picked by helpful neighborhood folk. Whether you need to replenish your growler or you're looking to find a new favorite by sampling some drafts, it's worth a visit to their cozy, rustic-chic tap room.

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5. Denali Brewing Co. 13605 E Main St., Talkeetna, AK 99676

Whether you’re passing through Talkeetna to visit the highest mountain peak in North America or to pay a visit to Stubbs, the venerated cat mayor (yes, you heard that correctly), make sure to swing by Denali Brewing Co. The hip lodge is a Talkeetna staple beloved by locals for its hearty gastropub fare and craft brews, with frequent regulars downing popular pints like the signature Louisville Sour, a dry hopped blonde ale with bright citrus notes.

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6. Haines Brewing Co. White Fang Drive, Haines, AK 99827

What started as a quaint, home-brewing hobby based out of founder Paul Wheeler’s living room has turned into one of Alaska’s most beloved beer producers. Having relocated to a larger digs on Main Street, Haines Brewing Co. cranks out high quality craft brews perfect for sipping on their back patio, where regulars order popular drafts like Captain Cook’s Spruce Tip ale and the Black Fang imperial stout while admiring the ethereal mountain landscape in the distance.

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7. Midnight Sun Brewing Company 8111 Dimond Hook Dr, Anchorage, AK 99507

Running since 1995 in an industrial area of Anchorage, Midnight Sun Brewing Co. hatches up to 20 kinds of award-winning beers, distributing them across the community and states like Washington, Oregon, and New York. Like the beers, which are crafted using water sourced from Eklutna Glacier, the full-service food menu is also sourced locally where possible, and includes everything from pastrami paninis to peanut butter dippers.

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8. Odd Man Rush Brewing 10930 Mausel St. A-1, Eagle River, AK

Born out of a desire to furnish the community with a quality brewery, the hockey-loving trio behind Odd Man Rush serves mild beers that are true to the style. Unlike many sterile, practically designed breweries, Odd Man Rush is fully committed to its hockey theme, pinning jerseys, a scoreboard, and even lining a wall with throwback cassette tapes. A diverse palette of brew flavors is on offer, from ales to fuller stouts, all of which you can imbibe on in the downstairs tasting area made intimate by the staircase wrapping around bar.

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9. HooDoo Brewing Co. 1951 Fox Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701

Started by a home brewer whose passion for beer started in his teenage years, HooDoo is a Fairbanks brewery whose brag-worthiness lies not in its extensive beer selection or retro tasting room, but in the thoughtful selection and nurturing of the few elements that do abound. The craft beer here is served in classic American, Belgian, and German styles and though it's not labeled in quirky colors, it still packs the tasting room on a regular basis. Thankfully, the space is un-pub-like, marked mostly by heavy wood tables, large brewing tanks that background the whole room, and crowds that congregate around four-beer samplers.

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10. Skagway Brewing Co. 700 Broadway, Skagway, AK 99840

Located at the far tip of downtown Skagway -- the strip reserved for cruise ship stops -- this brewery gets a heavy share of the tourist crowd, while maintaining a substantial local showing. And while the space is saloon-themed, with a western-inspired facade that matches the others on the block and an all-wooden interior, the brewing methods here are all modern: five ales are produced using hydroelectricity and "pure untreated Alaskan water," and served alongside an American menu of homemade chili, halibut & chips, and burgers, among other options.

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11. Seward Brewing Co. 139 4th Ave., Seward, AK 99664

Though it's the only brewery in Seward, this brewing company doesn't let its singular status justify a less-than-excellent menu. Indeed, the brews here are distinctively prepared using ingredients like chocolate cocoa nibs, caramel malts, and coriander, and conditioned over an eight-month period. Such thoughtful preparation results in 6-8 different styles of beer that you're then encouraged to pair with savory picks from the Alaska- and PNW-sourced seafood-heavy menu. And though most any view in this bay-facing town is beautiful, the snow-capped vistas here are especially majestic, and will make your boozy experience an especially refreshing one.