Canned Micheladas That You Need to Try This Summer

Whether you’re looking for heat, lime, or strong tomato flavor, these are our favorite canned micheladas.

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There is no replacement for a michelada on a hot day in Los Angeles watching a baseball game. The beer cocktail—which is usually made with a combination of hot sauce, Clamato (a tomato and clam juice concentrate), lime juice, and a light lager—is a more refreshing and bubbly version of a Bloody Mary. It is the perfect summer beverage, which can be enjoyed any time of day, for people who want the refreshment of beer in cocktail form. . 

But if you don’t want to invest in an entire bottle of funky Clamato or squeeze the juice of fresh limes, there are still ways to get the bold flavors of micheladas in the convenience of a can. There are so many versions of this beer cocktail popping up now, but don’t be fooled: there are subdued cans that lack real flavor, ones that are cloyingly sweet, and others that are far too thick to be sipped on. We bypass those and share our favorites to sip on all summer long. 

Estrella Jalisco’s collaboration with Los Angeles-based Golden Road Brewing and Clamato is what I’d describe as a perfect michelada. Inspired by fruit cart vendors in Los Angeles, it’s a marriage of fruity flavors, subtle heat, zippy tomato, and just enough salt. Thanks to the addition of Clamato, it even has that subtle funkiness that makes a michelada a michelada. If you prefer mango to pineapple, the mango version is a revelation as well—slightly sweeter and with more tropical flair. 

Tamarind is such a unique flavor; tangy, salty, sweet. The pulp from tamarind pods translates perfectly into a michelada. This version from Modelo is perfect for those seeking added heat and the zip of tamarind. It definitely has a kick thanks to chipotle peppers, yet is still reminiscent of sweet and savory tamarind candies. This is a great option for those less interested in a balance of sweet and fruity in their micheladas and fully committed to some spice. 

Chamoy is the ultimate partner for fresh cut fruit, paletas, and micheladas. This thick, sweet and salty pickled fruit sauce—which can be made from apricots or plums—coaxes out the nuanced flavors of almost everything it touches, including beer. Estrella Jalisco’s tropical chamoy michelada is more sweet than savory thanks to the addition of pineapple juice but still has the familiarity of tomato and clam juice thanks to Clamato. It’s sweeter than it is savory but still a treat to drink.

Some people do not enjoy the idea of drinking cold tomato juice and tend to avoid Bloody Marys and micheladas. If this is you, opt for Sol’s Limon y Sal Chelada. True to its name, Sol is a sunny beer with a bright flavor. Although the Limon y Sal version does without tomato juice, it’s still supplied with plenty of lime and salt—perfect as an accompaniment to a plate of tacos and eerily refreshing for something so wonderfully salty. 

It’s got clam juice. It’s got tomatoes. It’s got lime and hot sauce—all the necessary ingredients for a classic michelada. On top of that, this San Diego-based craft brewery kicks things up a notch with the addition of citrusy ponzu, cumin, and black pepper for a michelada bursting with savory flavor. It’s one of the saltier versions on this list; don’t expect syrupy sweetness or any fruit flavor. If you prefer a classic version of a miche, craft beer style, pick up Thorn Brewing

Some michelada mixes have too high a viscosity, leaving your tongue coated in gloopy tomato juice—not the most pleasant way to experience a michelada. Tio Rodrigo is the complete opposite. This canned version of micheladas is refreshing, crisp, and bubbly and drinks like a sparkling water rather than a premixed beer cocktail. On top of that, these micheladas actually have a surprising amount of heat, with the tomato and mango flavor commingling playfully. It’s lighter than other canned micheladas and will certainly be easy to down a can (or three). 

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