We were wrong: THIS is the best coconut water in the country

A few weeks back, we ranked the seven top coconut water brands, and found Amy & Brian Coconut Juice to be the most delicious. But that's because we hadn't tried Harmless Harvest

Thanks to the urging of many commenters who thought we were crazy people, we grabbed a bottle off the shelf of our local Whole Foods, and went to see what all the fuss was about. We trusted our commenters' opinions, as those who dispense judgment on the Internet are the most trustworthy group of people on the planet, followed closely by anyone from Nigeria who emails you about winning the lottery.

Harmless Harvest coconut water

How Is It Different From Other Coconut Water? It's organic! But just because it's organic doesn't mean it's going to be good. We learned that the hard way when we ranked an organic brand last in our first go-round. And HH is not only organic, it's raw. They use thousands of lbs of pressure to produce the water instead of a heating process common to most coconut waters. That's probably important to your raw food-loving aunt who won't shut up about how awesome her "nut cheese" is, but we're primarily concerned with taste. And that's where this bottle is king.

What's It Taste Like? That pink color is a good thing. It means there're super high levels of antioxidants present, and that their coconuts support breast cancer awareness. But we were most impressed by how smooth the water goes down. Certainly smoother than any brand on the market. And 8oz of this stuff is all you need to feel hydrated. There's also a pleasant, slightly coconuty aftertaste.

Bottom Line: If you haven't tried Harmless Harvest, now's the time. It's more expensive than most waters on the market (on a p/bottle basis, it'll probably run you an additional 40-50 cents or so), but it's also the best. Spend the dough. You'll go coco-nuts for it (!!).