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America's 10 Greatest Coffee Cities


Whether it comes from Dunkin' Donuts or an elephant's butt, Americans are crazily passionate about their coffee. That said, though, some cities have a stronger caffeine game than others -- for instance, brew served in a Biloxi bus station isn't necessarily gonna be world-class.

So where in the world (or America, in this case) can a caffeine fiend score the best fix possible? As part of its ongoing "America's Favorite Places" survey, Travel and Leisure's readers ranked major metro areas according to the strength of their local roasters and cafes, and you'll never guess who came out on top. Actually, you can totally guess it.

Portland, OR stole the brown crown this year, landing in first place with local spots like Coava and Water Avenue Coffee (not to mention the ever-popular beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters). Seattle came in second thanks to its bevy of nano-roasters, as well as the presence of a certain international chain that rhymes with "Barstucks." It wasn't a west coast blowout, though: Providence, RI repped the northeast in third place.

Here's the full top 10:

10. Minneapolis-Saint Paul
9. Louisville, KY
8. Portland, ME
7. Kansas City, MO
6. New Orleans, LA
5. Houston, TX
4. Albuquerque, NM
3. Providence, RI
2. Seattle, WA
1.Portland, OR

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