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Wasting your personal days on dentist visits is stupid -- after all, when you're an old man, your most charming quality will be having no teeth. So skip the nitrous and carve out some you time for something even more delirious: The Best Day Of Your Life.On Friday, June 21st -- the longest, strongest day of the year -- Thrillist's editors are curating the ultimate pleasure tours in every Thrillist city, with the very best things to eat, drink, and do from sunrise to sunset. We're going to hit the streets, hanging out, buying drinks, and otherwise doing our part to launch this important new national holiday. Join us, and you won't just be stuffing breakfast in your pie-hole, you'll be stuffing the most magnificent breakfast your city has to offer in your pie-hole. Enjoying a happy hour so happy you'll be crying tears of joy. And so on...all day long.And all you have to do right now is claim that personal day, no matter what it takes. Sister's getting married and you're a groomsman? Hire a body double. (Saddam had like 63 of them.) In the middle of a merger? Tell your boss, "Merger? WHAT IS THIS, 1986?!" Do the right thing for you, for once, and get it in the books. And tell your friends to do the same, because, with the exception of that guy Kevin, a day without them wouldn't be the Best Day Of Your Life. We wouldn't dream of completing this glorious itinerary without the best readers of all time. Four spots on each itinerary are going to be YOURS to decide: The Best Coffee, the Best Breakfast, the Best Happy Hour, and the Best Outdoor Bar, in your city. Watch for details on how the voting's going to work, and help us make this day beyond awesome. For you, for us, and for all humanity.So call your friends, call your boss, and do this thing. Do it. Now's a good time. We'll wait.UPDATE: ridiculous amounts of fun are coming this Friday. Head here for your itinerary, a soundtrack, and mad tweeting from your favorite local establishments and fellow participants.