18 Instagram Dogs Crushing the Craft Beer Game

If someone were to set up a Venn diagram showing the crossover between craft beer people and dog people, that overlap would be bigger than a Great Dane in a fat suit. At least, that is, according to Instagram, where a quick in-app search for #brewdogs brings up nearly 8,500 individual posts, many connected to full-blown dog-meets-beer accounts.

Why is this phenomenon so popular? Because it's friggin' adorable, that's why. What's better than enjoying a cold one while chilling with your best little four-legged compadre? Nothing. Absolutely nothing -- which is why @barleythebrewpup has 26.8k followers while your ass can't break 400. Let's face it, human pal, it's time to lay down (or sit, roll over, etc.) and enjoy the doggie-drinkin' parade.

@barleythebrewpup, ladies and gentlemen, all-time leading gold medalist at the Canine Beer Games

@dogsontap's gallery of bomb-ass brew dogs is like Instagram's most adorable sampler pack

@carterthecraftbeerdog is paws-down Oregon's happiest Instagram model

Bet you a sixer that @lazydogbeer's haul is way, way better than yours

Golden tripod @indylikesbeer owns both this highly sought-after craft beer and this ridiculously sweet face

Brew dog @olivepazuzu really has the whole "living your best life" thing all figured out

@brews.for.bruno for sure holds the title of LA's thirstiest pup

@boozer_mcguinness ain't nothing but a brew-crazy old bag-o-bones and we can't get enough

@elviskingofbeer is on a mission to sniff out America's finest, one pint at a time

@brewswithbuster is a Jack Russell mix who enjoys long walks on the dog beach, watching his SF Giants, and posing with beer

@tommyandchaga do this in like every photo and it never stops being the absolute best

@frenchie_pablo describes himself as a beer enthusiast, adventure seeker, and farting champ. Accurate.

@colorado_brewery_dogs give zero biscuits about the weather, as long as there's plenty of beer around

Pretty sure @pugandabeer broke the internet with this one

Will you just look at these beautiful brew-beasts? I simply cannot with you, @thetailoftwopitties, I just can't.

@a.dog.walks.into.a.bar and orders a beer. You'll never believe what happens next. (A photo. A photo happens.)

@poppythebeerdog might just be a shot glass in a growler's world, but he's never let his size stop him from achieving his goals

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Meredith Heil is a staff writer for Thrillist. Plead the fifth when it comes to the 'grams. She's like a dog -- she never speaks, but she understands. Send puppy pics to @mereditto.