4 of the best Bond drinking scenes

As of right now, we know a few more things about the next James Bond movie. One: it'll drop October 23rd, 2015. Two: it boasts people like Monica Bellucci, Léa Seydoux, Dave Bautista, Andrew Scott, and Christoph Waltz. And three: it's called Spectre, which probably refers to Ian Fleming's fictional terrorist network, which boasts a menacing octopus as its logo.

One thing we also know for sure that 007 will imbibe several adult beverages as he fights off Waltz, or Scott, or his own personal demons. Since the man's drinks are such an essential part of the series, we thought we'd share four of the best boozing scenes from Bond's 23-chapter saga. We're not saying Spectre needs to have scorpion tequila, but it certainly can't hurt. Watch the clips below and then tell us your favorites in the comments.

The first "shaken, not stirred"

You can't talk about Bond boozing without discussing his famous drink order. And while many people mistakenly attribute Bond's first utterance of "a martini, shaken not stirred" to Dr. No, it actually goes down in Goldfinger while he's on a plane with Pussy Galore. The scene is quick yet indelible, and serves as a helpful reminder that Ian Fleming named a human being Pussy Galore.

Disappointing post-fight vodka

(You Only Live Twice)
Bond has to suffer a lot of liquor-based indignities throughout this '67 Connery chapter. First, his bud Henderson serves him a martini stirred, not shaken, and 007 has to accept it like a gentleman. But then, after taking out a goon -- played by The Rock's Grandfather -- he reaches for some victory vodka. Only it's "Siamese vodka", which apparently does not fly for MI5 men.

Satisfying post-fight vodka

(The World Is Not Enough)
You know how it goes: you're just trying to get a meeting with a Russian mobster and a guy is giving you grief for it, so you pin his tie to the bar with his own knife and then smugly drink your fresh martini. Wednesdays, right??

Scorpion tequila

Blonde Bond has already racked up a ton of memorable drinking scenes. There's the one where he subverts his own bar order and that horrifying twist on William Tell, but the gutsiest moment yet was when he drank tequila with a live scorpion on his hand. Just for the hell of it! And you thought you got rowdy on your vacations.

BONUS: Life-saving wine snobbery

(Diamonds Are Forever)
Mike Myers got all the material he needed to play Austin Powers from this single scene, in which two would-be assassins bring a gourmet dinner up for 007 and his ladyfriend. It is cheesier than a block of Beaufort and not even remotely cool, but Bond does technically save his own hide through his knowledge of clarets. So you might wanna bone up on your Bordeaux.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is surprised the Bond fan community has already recovered from Heinekengate. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.