By and It’s that time again, friends. The time of year when we take a look back at all the brilliant bars that have opened across this fine country of ours, so we can celebrate them in all of their boozy glory. With the help of our editors across the country, Liz and I have sampled an eclectic array of everything from boozy gummies above a Mexican restaurant in New Orleans to straight mezcal with tiny sour oranges and chile salt in a room that looked suspiciously like a boat in San Francisco. As always, we will have missed spots, and we expect you will take us to task in the comments. But until then, sit back and relax with something spirituous and strong, and drink in our favorite new bars of 2014:

You Me Us Now

Chicago, IL Analogue This is the kind of place where you're likely to find yourself channeling Seinfeld in first class and blurting out "more EVERYTHING!". In this case that might include playful cocktails like the Green River Nogroni (Beefeater Gin, Cocchi Americano, Campari, salted watermelon, egg white, lemon). It could also mean a purl (the dynamic duo of beer & bitters), and it HAS to mean a round of Old Fashioned shots (like a tequila shot except it's Demerara sugar, then bourbon, then an orange slice to finish, and it's genius). Oh, and a fishbowl probably has to happen, too. That's a lot of drinking, but fortunately the Cajun menu has po'boys and jambalaya that ALMOST upstage the libations.

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Andrew Zimmer

New York, NY Black Crescent "Quiet, quiet, everyone quiet," shouts Reynolds, the possibly-pirate barman. The room abruptly gets silent, and he speakerphones a group of eight who reserved a table and never came. After playing it intentionally over-professional for a second, he beckons everyone to holler like mad to let the no-shows hear what they're missing. They oblige. Welcome to the party called Black Crescent.

On weeknights, the vaguely nautical Lower East Side bar is the right kind of quiet, the type of place you could read a book in if your hands weren't busy clutching a po'boy. Come Friday, though, the throwdown's on -- but instead of inhabiting your own standard, self-contained pocket of the bar, you're part of a larger partying organism, and damn if that organism isn't fun. So is just about everything else: the not-trying-too-hard cocktails and geek-pleasing beer list, the Shrimp Bang Bang and other seafare from a former John Besh-prentice, the bitters-bottle wallpaper Reynolds and crew hung themselves, label by label, after Angostura sent over giant sheets ("Yeah, they're kinda pissed about this. I didn't tell them it was for the bathroom."). So go ahead and make a reservation -- just don't dare miss it.

BTU Brasserie

Portland, OR BTU Brasserie Portland's had some great bar openings this year -- from Jackknife to Stammtisch and Mad Sons -- but BTU takes the cake (or the scallion pancake) for its wholly unique concept of combining a brewpub with high-end Szechuan bites. The seven-barrel system pumps out Chinese-style rice lagers, blondes, and IPAs designed to pair up with spicy takes on classics, including Dan Dan noodles, smoked duck bao, and wok-tossed lamb & leeks. Most Chinese restaurant-bars serve up dripping kung pao along with PBR or, if you're lucky, overpriced Tsingtao. Here, you're getting real-deal Chinese food with craft beers... minus the requisite karaoke and shame. It's a combination that would absolutely scream of Portland twee if it wasn't so bloody fantastic.

Coup d'État

Minneapolis, MN Coup d'État There is a very strong temptation to make jokes about overthrowing back drinks when you enter this Uptown looker and spot the giant mural of Napoleon and other French-ish people I don’t recognize. But you’ll soon ignore all of that beauty once you realize that Jesse Held (legend of Marvel Bar, Eat Street Social, and many others) is behind the drinks, which are grand interpretations of classics. Our favorite right now is Rosemary’s Secret with bourbon, fresh lemon, rosemary, and a maple brown sugar reduction that’ll make you want to overthrow back... oh, right.

Laura Hayes

Washington, DC Dram & Grain At first glance, you kind of want to dislike Dram & Grain. After all, it’s reservation-only and in the basement of Jack Rose past the kitchen and behind a locked door, and you get a reservation off a business card and the cocktails seem precious and you think you’ve heard that song before. But Trevor Frye and Co. have made the place so damn spectacular (and thrown in a standing bar area for non-reservation drinkers, and people who want to drop by) that it is worth the hoops, especially if you order the Ode to Omaha, which features rum, bitters, and blackberry syrup in an orb, plus hickory smoke, making it look like a much more delicious version of those life-restoring potions from Legend of Zelda.

Robert Donovan

Charleston, SC Edmund's Oast When all your bartenders on King Street tell you (after furtively checking over their shoulders to confirm their managers are out of earshot) that you should really get a drink at Edmund's Oast, you'd do well to take their advice. This modern warehouse/barnhouse/beer hall hybrid -- tucked inconspicuously amongst Charleston's office parks & empty lots -- is programmed by beverage director Cameron Read, whose expertise at Greenville Beer Exchange & Southend Brewery has given way to a draught list seemingly pulled, verbatim, from a BeerAdvocate forum reader's fever dream. Cult-ish domestic crafts like COAST, Evil Twin, and Prairie Artisan Ales are posted on the big board next to hard-to-find imports (De Struise, Nøgne ø, J.W. Lees...), all available alongside house-made jerky, charcuterie, and other indulgent bar snacks. Did we mention they're brewing their own stuff on-site? Ahem: they're brewing their own stuff on-site.

Zack Benson

San Diego, CA Fairweather What doesn’t Anthony Schmidt do well? That was one of those rhetorical questions, because the cocktail genius behind places like Ironside, Polite Provisions, and other Consortium Holding spots has done it again with Fairweather, their newest, appropriate-for-SD-weather named bar that captures the best parts of the cheesy beach bar, but uses the high-class, quality, house-made ingredients Schmidt’s spots are known for, and turns that cheesiness into a sort of neo-cheesiness that’s actually pretty damn cool. Do yourself a favor: get the “invincible fleet of spirits” in the Spanish Armada, with sherry, rum, mezcal, and house-made orgeat.   

Luke Gibson

Los Angeles, CA Good Times at Davey Wayne's Usually a place that would already claim to know what kind of time you’re going to have there would be a little too presumptuous for our blood, but not when it’s from the dudes behind La Descarga and No Vacancy. Hitting up DW’s is like entering a party from the '70s that only the cool parents could attend, complete with weird fireplaces and those couches that you sink into because they’re all old, and feel like they’re full of secrets. Oh, and they have boozy sno-cones. And backyard BBQs. And cocktails like the Cisco Kid filled with jalapeño-infused reposado, fresh raspberry, and a touch of absinthe. Now all you have to do is find the entrance.

Claire McCormack

Austin, TX Half Step When folks from a fancy cocktail bar in LA came to town, there was cause for suspicion. Austin and LA are not exactly synonymous, after all. But this was no ordinary LA cocktail bar, it was Varnish, one of our favorite in the country, and the Half Step founder Chris Bostick had already worked in Austin before, so he knew exactly what he was doing opening the cozy spot on Rainey Street and equipping it both with a slightly more extensive indoor drink list and an outdoor bar with two cocktails on tap. There’s also an icehouse in the back, with a Clinebell machine, which produces huge blocks of ice that they can custom chop into different shapes, plus THE SAME EXACT MACHINE SONIC USES for crushed ice drinks like swizzles.

Flickr/Christopher Michel

San Francisco, CA The Interval It’s in Fort Mason, like, deep Fort Mason, past the parking lot that usually houses Off The Grid, and to the left, amongst those random offices you’d never notice. And, because it doubles as a coffee shop during the day, you’d think that maybe the drinks would be an afterthought, but you would be so, so mistaken. Bartender Jennifer Colliau is a straight-up cocktail geek, and her passion and knowledge bleed through to all the unique elements, including a draught gin & tonic, a sipping mezcal “Mexico City Style” served neat with tiny sour oranges, chile, and salt (off the amazing “Drinking Around The World” section), and our favorite-named drink of the year, the Decanted Mother-in-Law, which features bourbon, curaçao, maraschino, amber, and a couple types of bitters and is served in an apothecary bottle.

Marc Brubaker

Houston, TX Julep Leave it to Alba Huerta, the bar manager/genius behind Anvil and a partner at Pastry War, to create a bar that’d make Deep South-dwellers reconsider their thoughts on the Lone Star State. If the Barefoot Contessa was shaking cocktails instead of using 2lbs of butter in every dish, Julep would be her TV set: bright, light, and airy, with a copper awning over the copper-topped bar, lace curtains, and bourbon-laden white cabinets. The space is kind of hard to look away from. But you absolutely should, because why would you sit at that gorgeous bar when you can sit out on the backporch next to a fire pit and start tackling the julep section of the Southern drink lineup: go for the Spiced Julep, which contains no bourbon at all, but does have apple brandy, rum, bitters, clove, allspice, cinnamon, and the requisite mint and sugar. There’s also a 30-strong lineup of classics, like a Pimm’s Cup and a Milk Punch. Oh, and Adam Garcia, former Pass & Provisions chef, is in the kitchen. What I’m saying is that I would be content to never, ever leave my porch seat here.


Louisville, KY Meta Even with its hand-painted wallpaper and intense penny-tiled floor, Louisville could have assumed last December that the new bar opening next door to The Body Shop strip club wouldn’t take itself too seriously. And thankfully, it doesn’t: Meta takes the will-it-never-stop craft cocktail craze and makes it, well, meta. Co-owners and industry vets Jeremy Johnson (Blind Pig) and Hannah Kandle (Barbette) laid out a map of a menu with each of the house drinks tracing its roots back through ‘tail history. So, do like the bar’s name begs and get all self-referential with your drinking; order the Show ‘N Tell (gin, chartreuse, lime, pie syrup & Peychaud’s), then take a step back to the classic base, a Sidecar. And maybe do it on their weekly Wu Tang Wednesday, and ask the bartender about the time Meta turned Pappy into Jell-O shots.

Frances F. Denny

New York, NY The NoMad Bar Daniel Humm and Will Guidara’s NoMad restaurant and its bar were already a formidable destination, named 68th best restaurant in the world and Best American Restaurant Bar this year. But that was all before the incredibly sexy, bi-level NoMad Bar opened, giving its award-winning cocktails their own dimly-lit space, complete with a mirrored, back-lit bar and, of course, fireplaces. The extensive cocktail menu is divided into classics, dark, light, reserve (rare booze), and explosions (for six to eight, or you on a long night). Get the jalapeño tequila, mezcal, and Chartreuse Loisaida Avenue, order the foie gras and truffle pot pie, and get all kinds of comfortable on one of the deep, black-leather booths for the night. You'll be staying all night.


Dallas, TX Parliament Dallas drinkers might recognize Eddie “Lucky” Campbell’s signature fedora behind a bar just as easily as they would one of the impressive cocktails from the mixologist who's shaken behind the bar at spots like The Mansion and Abicus. Now, teamed up with partner Andrew Brimecome, the drinks may be harder to recognize, because Lucky’s put together a bound book of 125 that you’ll never drink your way through. But you should certainly take a seat in the bordello-style, red-lit downtown den and start trying. Killin’ Thyme -- his signature concoction of gin, cucumber, lemon, thyme, and watermelon ice -- is a great place to start.

Greg Rannells

St. Louis, MO Planter's House Quick history lesson: back in the mid-19th century, the Planter’s House Hotel was famous. And at a certain time during its reign as the place to be seen wearing expensive hats in the Gateway to the West, a certain bartender by the name of Professor Jerry Thomas ran its bar. And then Jerry went on to write the first cocktail book ever. And now, at this non-hotel version celebrating Planter's hospitality with its own version, you can get old-school moves like their Slings, Collins, Sours, and Fizzes that Professor Jerry would’ve approved of, plus a Whiskey Punch and Overall Julep, both done up “St Louis Style” by Tom Bullock, and a duck burger with a fried farm egg, which Jerry would’ve probably written another book about had he gotten the chance.

Pleasant Rum Bar

Austin, TX Pleasant Storage Room Do you like rum punch bowls? And ceviche bars that also have coconut guacamole? Well, you are going to want to buy a bumper sticker for Alfonso Hernandez and Paul Hargrove’s PSR, which has all of those things, plus a vibe that feels like a whimsical Cuba no one alive today can remember. If you’re drinking alone (awww), we like the Millionaire, with Smith & Cross N.S rum, apricot liqueur, sloe gin, and lime. If you’re drinking with friends, well... do you like rum punch bowls? 

Jude Goergen

Chicago, IL Slippery Slope First off, it's a damn fine name for a bar, but a name only gets you so far. The disparate parts of Slippery Slope could seem thrown together at first, but, in reality, it's a well-oiled machine of good times brought to you by the folks behind nationally-renowned cocktail bar Scofflaw. A handful of Skee-Ball machines up front give way to a dimly red-lit bar specializing in bottled cocktails (they're small but potent), which means you won't spill your Painkiller when you head back to the DJ-fueled dance floor and PYT comes on, or when you're cramming people into the photo booth to commemorate the evening.

Kristian Melom

San Francisco, CA Third Rail They have a jerky bar. I’ll say it again: the folks behind this spot -- both formerly of Range -- have a jerky bar, from which they produce house-made meats. When they first opened, I sat at the bar and dutifully tried each one BECAUSE I AM A JOURNALIST, including a vegetarian jerky that blew my mind and made me look at carrots with a lot more respect. But on top of that, super-respected bar manager Jeff Lyon separates drinks into four categories (Aperitif, Seasonal, Citrus, and Spiritous), our favorite of which is the Cloven Hoof, with rum, Armagnac, Madeira, seven spices, clove bitters, and -- wait -- did we already mention they have a jerky bar?!? 

Sara Essex Bradley

New Orleans, LA Tiki Tolteca If someone in New York said their local Mexican fast-casual chain had a weird attic bar above it that they were closing and re-vamping into a full-blown Tiki bar with carved mermaid statues and plates of cocktail-infused gummy wonders, I’d have rolled my eyes. But, obviously, in New Orleans, it works. The current space rolled out in July with flaming bowls of booze, like the mezcal and tequila Escorpion Punch and the Zombie Punch that comes with a giant, rum-filled gummy brain (don’t worry, the straws have spoons on the end so you can eat every bit). Pro tip: before you start talking to the mermaids in the corner, consider ordering queso and tacos from Felipe’s downstairs. It'll probably be around the time you and your booth finish your third Tiki bowl and start treating the cocktail gummies like real food because you really do need to try all the Hurricane, the Mai Tai, and the Zombie options. For research.

Two Bits

Nashville, TN Two Bits It certainly doesn’t look like anything else on Demonbreun. And with its amazing lineup of strange/delicious bar eats (Yazoo mussels with crabby fries, lamb neck tacos, beer cheese croquettes), nearly all local beers on draft (fine, there is one from Atlanta, okay?!), and innovative cocktails (try the Old Man Bishop), it doesn’t act like anything else here either. And that’s before you get to the fact that they’ve got a badass collection of free-play vintage arcade games. Let’s just say you haven’t lived until you've played Extreme Hunting while eating lamb neck tacos, friends. 

Boston Nightlife Ventures, Inc.

Boston, MA Wink & Nod Its lounge area looks like the den of your wealthy, weird, and eclectic aunt, and that’s not a bad thing -- Aunt Lorraine was pretty sweet. The food comes courtesy of Bread & Salt, and features serious moves like Chatham mussels with lemongrass curry broth and a charred beef tartare with tomalley aioli. But you’ll want to dance longest with the drinks (everything from the juices to cordials and infusions are made fresh in-house, daily), which they separate into “Up”, “Down”, “Long”, and “Tiki”, including a (limited to one per guest!) upscale version of a Long Island, which doesn’t taste anything like the ones I remember drinking in Hyannis at Mary Anne’s when I was in college. 

Kevin Alexander is the Food/Drink executive editor and bought at least seven bowls of booze that were on fire while working on this piece. Follow him to important research: @KAlexander03.

Liz Childers is the Food/Drink associate editor and wants everyone to know that Tiki Tolteca's gummy Tiki cocktails REALLY DO HAVE FULL COCKTAILS IN THEM. It's not a joke. Follow her to better menu trust: @lizchilders1

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1. Analogue 2523 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 (Logan Square)

Cajun is the name of the game at this Logan Square restaurant and cocktail lounge. You could to Analogue for just a drink, but you’d probably find the dinner menu, heavy on crawfish, po boys, and catfish, too tempting to pass up. The weekend brunch is one of the best, mainly because of the beignets, biscuits, and house-made bacon.

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2. Black Crescent 76 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002 (Lower East Side)

A fire in 2015 couldn't keep Black Crescent down -- the Lower East Side raw and cocktail bar came back with a thirst for sating yours. Notable on the corner of Rivington and Clinton for the serpentine mural that covers the building's edifice, the spot is low-key on the interior, with simple wood and chrome accents. Oyster happy hours are made happier by strong riffs on classics, like a take on the Negroni called the Hempen Halter, with hickory-smoked Italian vermouth, sweet vermouth, Campari, and gin.

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3. BTU Brasserie & Brewery 5846 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213 (Ne Portland)

BTU brings a wholly unique concept of combining a brewpub with high-end Szechuan bites. The seven-barrel system pumps out Chinese-style rice lagers, blondes, and IPAs designed to pair up with spicy takes on classics, including Dan Dan noodles, smoked duck bao, and wok-tossed lamb & leek.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
4. Coup d'état 2923 Girard Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411 (Uptown)

Coup d’etat, a modern American eatery in the heart of Uptown serves food and cocktails with a whole lot of class.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
5. Dram & Grain 2007 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 (Adams Morgan)

Dram & Grain is a badass underground whiskey den run by Trevor Frye and Nick Lowe of Jack Rose Dining Saloon (which just so happens to be on top of said whiskey den). If you can get the secret phone number via secret business card, you can text these guys on their burner phone (!) and get yourself into one of three seatings on Saturdays only. Expect creative cocktails (red-hot pokers, smoke-filled concoctions), whiskey on tap, and only one vodka drink called the Training Wheels.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
6. Edmund's Oast 1081 Morrison Dr, Charleston, SC 29403 (Charleston)

This modern warehouse/barnhouse/beer hall hybrid tucked inconspicuously amongst North Charleston's office parks and empty lots serves New American fare, beer brewed on-site and craft cocktails. Cult-ish domestic crafts like Coast, Evil Twin, and Prairie Artisan Ales are posted next to hard-to-find imports (De Struise, Nøgne ø, J.W. Lees...), all available alongside house-made jerky, charcuterie, and other indulgent bar snacks. Snag a seat on the patio for a relaxed dinner and stay out late with a young-professional crowd.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
7. Fairweather 795 J St, San Diego, CA 92101 (East Village)

Located above Rare Form, Fairweather isn't perched very high for a rooftop bar, but it does offer a killer view of Petco Park. Cozy dotted blue sofas and fruit displays offer bright bursts of color amidst white marble benches and a mosaic-tile bar backdrop. You can take your pick from over a dozen specialty cocktails, like the honey-and-lime flavored King Bee or the sugary Oh Captain My Captain, and if you get peckish, just head downstairs for a grilled cheese or hummus plate.

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8. Good Times at Davey Wayne's 1611 N El Centro Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028 (Hollywood)

Straight out of The Brady Bunch set, this 70's living room-themed Hollywood bar is decked out with hammocks, an Airstream Trailer, and a DJ spinning Bee Gees-esque beats. It's hard to tell what's cooler: the epic secret entrance through a refrigerator door or the no-cover. Weekend nights usually draw the biggest lines, but Good Times is open on weekend afternoons, aka the perfect time to kick back on the patio and order up some Tex-Mex street food and craft cocktails.

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9. Half Step 75 1/2 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

The inside of the little blue house that is Half Step is dark and lined in tea-stained wall paper. Cool off with one of the meticulously crafted cocktails, like the NOLA-born Sazerac (rye whiskey, sugar, Peychaud’s bitters, absinthe rinse), and remember what the glowing sign that greets you on the way in says: "You earned it."

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10. The Interval 2 Marina Blvd, Fort Mason Building A, San Francisco, CA 94123 (Cow Hollow)

Deep in Fort Mason, The Interval is part museum, part coffee shop, and part bar. Bartender Jennifer Colliau is a straight-up cocktail geek and all of her drinks, some with quirkier names than others (Decanted Mother-in-Law, Mexican Firing Squad Special) have a story. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves make you feel like you're in someone's personal library. It's the kind of place you go to think while you drink.

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11. Julep 1919 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007 (Washington)

Julep's got an old-school, punky Southern charm that's soaked in bourbon, just like you'll be after a few masterfully crafted cocktails and cold seafood dishes from former Pass & Provisions Chef Adam Garcia. Housed in an industrial 1880s uniform factory, the space features a gorgeous copper bar and a sophisticated back porch. There are masterful odes to the bar’s namesake drink, but the list runs on into a boozy Southern history book with classics born in the region and a seasonal lineup that plays with Southern inspirations.

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12. Meta 425 W Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202 (Downtown)

Meta is a wonderful world of contrasts -- a marble-barred, copper-penny-floored temple of swank drinking lodged next to a strip club. But it’s not just bravado and balls that make Meta the best damn cocktail bar in a city that was doing craft cocktails long before they were trendy. The signatures are all grounded in tradition, but with a nice kick in the knickers. Take, for example, The High Pant, which augments some Old Fitzgerald with fernet and ginger to transform the Old Fashioned into something completely new. And hey, with cocktails this good, that strip club next door just keeps getting less lurid by the sip.

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13. The NoMad 1170 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 (Nomad)

Housed in a historic arts building, The NoMad hotel is a stylish, Parisian-inspired luxury hotel with hardwood floors and handmade rugs. Inside the hotel is a bi-level library, an opulent lounge with a mahogany bar, and an upscale restaurant. Around the corner from the hotel is the much-lauded NoMad Bar (10 W 28th St), serving refined cocktails and upscale pub fare in a hip, lively space.

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14. Parliament 2418 Allen St, Dallas, TX 75204 (Uptown)

With craft cocktail icon Eddie "Lucky" Campbell at the helm, this bordello-lit drinking den in State Thomas boasts a lengthy leather-bound menu that has something for everyone. If you appreciate history and cocktail artistry, go for a Ramos Gin Fizz. And if you appreciate a good deal, there's an incredible happy hour where you can score standards like Old Fashioneds and gimlets for half their typical price.

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15. Two Bits 1520 Demonbreun St, Nashville, TN 37203

Two Bits is part bar, part restaurant, and part arcade. And Not only is it stocked with classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Space Invaders, but they also have board games and even Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
16. Planter's House 1000 Mississippi Ave, St Louis, MO 63104

Planter’s House is a cocktail bar that pays homage to the landmark Planter’s House Hotel, an iconic St. Louis establishment that closed during Prohibition. Out of the hotel came the first-ever cocktail book, whose recipes live on at its craft cocktail protégé in Lafayette Square. The full bar serves Prohibition-era classics like Hemingway Daiquiris, Vieux Carres, swizzles, and fizzes, mixed with new-school moves from the kings and queens of cocktail: Dale Degroff, Giuseppe González, and Audrey Sanders. And then there’s the Bullock Room, a speakeasy-esque bar located just upstairs. Full menu, low lighting, can’t lose.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
17. Pleasant Storage Room 208 W 4th St, Austin, TX 78701 (Warehouse District)

Pleasant Storage Room is a throwback to "golden age Cuba and the Caribbean", where you can find yourself dining on island street foods, like their ceviches, while sipping on a sweet rum cocktail.

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18. Slippery Slope 2357 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 (Logan Square)

Skee-ball, tamales, and and an expansive, crimson-lit dance floor await at this two-story club made to replace what Bonny's once was. The beer is cheap, the wine is boxed, and we promise this will probably be one of the only times you'll hear "Mother-In-Law" (a tamale-chili combo) and not be filled with dread.

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19. Third Rail 628 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94107 (Dogpatch)

This great SF cocktail bar serves up delicious libations -- get anything with Mezcal, and cheers to it!

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
20. Tiki Tolteca 301 N. Peters St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (French Quarter)

Hidden above the downtown Felipe's, this tiki haven serves flaming bowls of booze, like the mezcal and tequila Escorpion Punch and the Zombie Punch that comes with a giant rum-filled gummy brain (don’t worry, the straws have spoons on the end so you can eat every bit). It looks like a Polynesian dream from Tiki cocktails' heyday in the 20th century. The drink menu itself draws from both Tiki and Latin American influences.

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21. Wink & Nod 3 Appleton St, Boston, MA 02116 (South End)

Boston Nightlife Ventures' new speakeasy has made a home for the pop-up Whisk, so you can enjoy your cocktails made with Cutty Sark Prohibition Scotch alongside bites like squid ink tagliatelle pasta with baby octopus.