The Best Wine and Spirits Advent Calendars for a Boozy Holiday

Get into the holiday spirit.

wine and spirits advent calendars
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Maybe you had a similar experience to me, waking up on December mornings and cracking the door on an advent calendar to eat a tiny, hard piece of chocolate. It was exciting even if the chocolate wasn’t particularly good. As an adult, you can upgrade that experience and move from morning chocolates to nightcaps. 

There are tons of advent calendars loaded with wine or whiskey or gin or pretty much any alcohol you’d like to drink on long December nights. Some of the calendars just let you grab a drink and are a bit of fun. Some genuinely have outstanding liquids inside that will make you excited to open each and every perforated door.

It might seem early, but if you’re looking for cool advent calendars loaded with wine or whiskey, it’s already time to start getting your orders placed. One of the most popular whiskey calendars has been on sale for a bit and always sells out just a few weeks. We’ll help you narrow down the choices. Here are some of the best wine and spirits advent calendars you’ll find this year. 

best whiskey advent calednars
Image courtesy of Flaviar

Price: $250

What’s inside: Whiskies of the Galaxy (previously, “the World’) is an advent calendar that sells out in a hurry. It’s loaded with 24 1.7-ounce drams of whiskey procured from distilleries around the world. It comes with a beautifully designed booklet loaded with tasting notes. Flaviar won't spoil the surprise of what’s inside, but it has promised this year's collection has “small-batch bourbon, rye, American single malt, as well as whiskies from Japan and Israel, plus some real stars from Scotland and Ireland.”

Packaging: As noted above, there’s a beautifully designed booklet inside. It also comes with a Glencairn glass and a concrete coaster. Each dram is a narrow test tube-like glass container. 

Price: $207

What’s inside: The Spirit Co. has a variety of boozy advent calendars, but the American Whiskey and Bourbon collection has 24 30mL waxed bottles. It includes brown liquids from Blanton's, Old Forester, Elijah Craig, Four Roses, Sagamore Spirit, Whistle Pig, and others. 

Packaging: The boxes are nicely designed with wax-sealed glass bottles inside. The Spirit Co’s boxes cost a little more than some others, but it’s a quality package. 

best booze advent calendars 2021
Photo courtesy of Heritage Distilling

Price: $60

What’s inside: You’re getting a variety of liquors in the calendar, including whiskey, vodka, gin, and rum. So, you’re going to want to have a wide array of mixers ready to go. 

Packaging: The box has 24 50mL bottles. The distillery has a full list of what’s inside, but they’re mixed up in the box, so you’ll have no idea what you’re opening until the day you crack the door open. There are two different designs available. There’s a white poinsettia design you can get at the tasting room or online. The other is a red design with snowflakes that is exclusive available at retailers in the Pacific Northwest. 

best wine advent calendars 2021
Photo courtesy of Laithwaites

Price: $140

What’s inside: The fourth edition of this wine calendar is likely to sell out quickly, just like it has in previous years. Each gigantic triangle o’ wine has 24 doors containing a spread of red and white wines as well as port. 

Packaging: It comes in a cardboard pyramid that you need a forklift to move. It’s heavy. But it’s sturdy, well-designed, and is full of small 200mL glass bottles.

wine advent calendar 2021
Photo courtesy of Vinebox

Price: $130

What’s inside: This year’s Vinebox calendar includes only European wines from women winemakers. The contents aren’t just curated to be good but have a story, which makes it a nice gift. Each box includes four white wines, two rosés, and six reds.

Packaging: The two available boxes feature designs by Alessia Margarita and Benjamin Craven. The packages have a lot more appeal than most advent calendars. The wines come in thin glass bottles that make it look a bit like a box of perfumes. 

best wine advent calendars 2021
Photo courtesy of In Good Taste

Price: $150

What’s inside: This comes loaded with 24 mini bottles (187mL) of wine in small corked bottles. It comes with reds and whites from a few of In Good Taste’s collections, including its California Wine Mixer collection and the Passport Collection with wines from France and Italy.

Packaging: It’s relatively compact, with 24 small bottles of wine in a box

best cocktail advent calendars 2021
Photo courtesy of Bartesian

Price: $30

What’s inside: The intelligent cocktail maker company—it’s essentially a Keurig for cocktails—has put together a 12-pack of pods to put a new cocktail in your glass every night up to Christmas. The pack has a combination of holiday-themed cocktails and classics ranging from an Espresso Martini to a Mistletoe Margarita, Screwdriver to Holiday Spiced Old Fashioned. 

Packaging: Since there isn’t alcohol in the pods, you can pick up the pack at places like Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s. Best Buy, or Target. You’ll find a Santa-clad cardboard box, roughly of the quality of your standard 12-pack of beer. 

Price: $70

What's inside: You'll have to have the Drinkworks Home Bar for this to make sense for you. The machine is basically a Kuerig for cocktails. In the pack, you'll get a variety pack of 12 different cocktails. 

Packaging: It's pretty simple. The pack includes an Elijah Craig Old Fashioned, Herradura Margarita, Chambord French Martini, and other. 

alcohol advent calendars
Photo courtesy of Cutwater Spirits

Price: $37

What’s inside: Similar to mixed packs of beer that mimic the feel of an advent calendar from Clown Shoes and Stone Brewing, Cutwater’s box contains 12 different canned cocktails. The company makes its cocktails with spirits to bring you drinks like a Vodka Soda Lime, Strawberry Margarita, or Tiki Rum Mai Tai, all of which are included in this box.

Packaging: Look for what you’re used to generally see in a variety pack of hard seltzers or beers. It’s a cardboard box full of cans. No doors or anything. It’s a box.

best wine advent calendars 2021
Photo courtesy of Maker

Price: $139

What's inside: The women-owned canned wine company aims to support "small, minority and/or women-led wine producers." The box comes with 12 single-serving cans. The wine in each can, the company says, is "equivalent to $20-$50 bottles.

Packaging: It's a sturdy cardboard box with perforated tops to pluck out your wine. It's similar to the packaging you see in the perennial favorite Give Them Beer box.

best wine advent calendar 2021
Photo courtesy of Laithwaites

Price: $100

What's inside: You're grabbing 12 quarter-bottles of wine here. The box contains a mix of reds, whites, and Prosecco from Italy, Spain, France, and other locations. Like any advent calendar, you don't have to enjoy the prizes on specific days, but this box has the added bonus of promising delivery by Christmas if you order by December 14. Though, you can only order it in 31 states. 

Packaging: It's a solid box that looks like a present. However, it's a bit more compact than other wine advent calendars, which isn't a bad thing.

Price: $60

What’s inside: The 24 mini bottles in Aldi’s calendar include reds, whites, and bubbly. That’s great if you like all three, but it’s maybe not as alluring if you’re looking for something that is exclusively loaded with future favorites. 

Packaging: Like almost any wine-based advent calendar, you’re going to need to lift with your legs. It’s a heavy beast. You’re getting a nice package, especially considering that the $60 price tag is lower than many other advent calendars. 

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