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Find out what six years of oak barrel confinement can do to a liquor

A morally upstanding trio of hand-selected grains, Rye, Corn, and Malted Barley found themselves in the wrong place (a whiskey distillery) at the wrong time (distillation). Known as the Big House Bourbon crew, they were sentenced to a six-year lockdown in a charred American oak barrel. Now they're ready to be released.But jail can change a grain. The solitary confinement. The need to defend yourself against gangs of quinoa. These things can make you a 90proof, bold, rich Big House Straight Bourbon, or a 70proof, silky, sweet Big House Tupelo Honey. They can also make you write "Brooks was here" on a flophouse ceiling beam, but that's not important right now.So yeah, they might be a little rough around the edges -- and recidivism rates are pretty high these days -- but if you're looking for a spirit that knows how to handle itself, Big House is your bourbon.