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British critic calls bourbon better than Scotch, KY prepares for war

As the old saying goes, "If it's not Scottish, it's crap. Except when it's bourbon." Or something like that. And it was just corroborated by famed British critic and booze expert Jim Murray, who told The Telegraph that, “Generally speaking, bourbon… has overtaken Scotch. The best whisky is coming not from Scotland anymore, but from Kentucky.”

Though most people in Kentucky might be reticent to take a compliment from some foofie Britwriter who can't even spell "cue," Murray heaps praise on Kentucky's finest export in the article, making a case for Buffalo Trace as the best distillery in the world, and citing bourbon distillers' tendency to use virgin barrels for aging as a key contributor to quality.

As for the decline in the quality of Scotch, Murray points to craftsmen re-using barrels that were previously used to age Sherry, resulting in sulfur contamination. “Everyone automatically thinks that the best whisky is made in Scotland, but there are too many bad casks rattling around,” he told The Telegraph, in an effort to either start a debate or flame the fires of war between Kentucky and its British counterpart, Scotland.