Drink up, bitch: Breaking Bad is getting not one but TWO beers brewed in its honor

Breaking Bad enthusiasts had a Tuco-style freakout earlier this week when it was announced that Albuquerque-based Marble Brewery was creating a special beer for the show's final season. But it turns out there are actually two methlord-inspired brews coming our way: Heisenberg's Dark and Walt's White Lie

Appropriately, Heisenberg's Dark will be an India Black Ale while Walt's White Lie will be -- hold onto your trilby -- an India White Ale. Marble's brewmaster Ted Rice says they'll be brewing 60 kegs of each in July and releasing them in their three locations (and to local distributors) on August 8. Though they won't be bottling the stuff, they will be taking rabid pleas distribution requests from Colorado and Arizona. In fact, World of Beer in Tempe already got its request in, because a world of beer without Breaking Bad ale is not a world worth living in

The original idea actually came from Miguel S. Jaramillo, who runs the Breaking Bad Locations Instagram. While coordinating an episode screening with Marble, he suggested they make a beer too. The staff obliged. "We thought it was a fun, low-key thing to do, we love the show, and then it turned into a national invention", Rice says

Rice admits he's a little nervous since he's an India Black Ale rookie, but he's stoked to commemorate a show that's used shots of his house, employed his neighbor, and even stopped by his place of business. Yep, that bastard Walt and his posse used to roll into Marble after long days of shooting, though Rice isn't sure they'll return for the big beer bash: "I doubt they're going to be here, but I would love to toss one back -- or many back -- with them".

Well, ball's in your court, BB cast. Don't let freakin' Badger screw it up.