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Portland winery is too hip for bottles, releases Pinot noir in beer cans

Published On 11/19/2013 Published On 11/19/2013

Although they stopped just short of putting a bird on it, the folks at Portland's Union Wine Co. have decided that old-fashioned wine bottles just aren't hip enough, and will soon sell their signature Underwood Pinot Noir in a 12oz can. Now, you still probably don't want to guzzle Pinot with fried chicken (proper pairings here), but according to reports from its release at the Feast Portland food fest, this stuff actually tastes pretty damn good.

Union Wine Co.

UWC told Fast Company that the cans are inspired by the craft beer movement's ability to elevate appreciation of their brews to a level of connoisseurship usually reserved for wine. Union's "pinkies down" philosophy aims to flip that concept and present wine in a way that beer-lovers can identify with.

Union Wine Co.

If a can wasn't hip enough, they're distributing this stuff in the most Portlandish way possible: via a vintage French Citroen H tasting van. Because canning is 40% cheaper than bottling, the wine will be available at the very nice price of $5/can (two cans = one bottle). The only downside is that the can might keep wine from aging in the same manner as a bottled wine, meaning that, like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused, you'll get older while it stays the same age. Or, it'll be really old and gross by the time it's three.



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