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Important journalism: an incredibly detailed history of the showerbeer

Published On 12/12/2013 Published On 12/12/2013

It's been a while since an investigative report really shook us to our core. But step aside, Watergate, because The Daily Dot just unleashed a monster: The Internet history of the showerbeer.


Loaded with citations from Reddit, Twitter, and Urban Dictionary, this comprehensive article gives you everything you ever wanted to know about showerbeers and then some. Did you know that they've got their own song, or that "power shower hour" has been a real idea someone's had? OR that hardcore disciples have installed beer taps in their bathrooms?


See, it's real! Obviously you should go read every word of this thing before you head home to guzzle your own extra-sudsy -- get it??? -- ale. We'll leave you with this touching father-son moment.




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