There's a Stock Market-Themed Cocktail Bar in Hong Kong


Rejoice, finance bros and Leonardo DiCaprio enthusiasts: We've found the craft cocktail bar of your dreams -- providing you're down to hop a plane to Asia, that is.

Located in Lan Kwai Fong, the financial epicenter of Hong Kong, Wolf Market derives its name from the 2013 hit film The Wolf of Wall Street. To say that the bar's aesthetic is inspired by the finance sector would be an understatement: walking into the place is like stepping into the stock market itself. Sleek LED screens display changing market conditions, but instead of "NASDAQ" you'll see familiar spirits like "VOD," "GIN," and "TEQ." The menu price of each drink is based on supply and demand, which means a specific libation becomes more or less expensive depending on its popularity throughout the night. And, in a metaphysical commentary on the economic reality of the world, there's always a point in the night where "the market crashes" and sends the prices down to dirt-cheap, record lows.

And if you're into something a bit more stable, you can head upstairs to the Trader's Room, where the menu prices are fixed and the drinks are just as delicious. Hey, why disrupt the market when you can ask for it shaken or stirred? 

If you've recently hit it big with an investment and you can shell out for the plane ticket to Hong Kong, check out Wolf Market's website to learn more. For the rest of us Leo lovers who simply can't afford to witness the Jordan Belfort lifestyle in real-time, take heart: There's always movie marathons

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Meredith Balkus is the homepage editor for Thrillist Video. She would prefer to consume enough drugs to sedate Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens for a month. Go watch that movie and also follow her @meredithbalkus