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Think about your favorite craft brewery in the state you live in. Because we can read your mind (... don't worry, we'll leave your brain better than we found it), we've probably mentioned that brewery in our story about the best brewery in every state.

The thing is, when you're talking about a single-best brewery (or anything, really), that means that so many others aren't being talked about that are more than worthy of discussion -- underrated, one might even call them. Since more breweries ought to be praised for the important work of making sure America has enough amazing beer to drink, we discounted our previous picks for the best brewery in each state and sought to identify the brewery most deserving of a little extra love. That could mean anything from established players who've been doin' it (and doin' it well) so long that people have started to take them for granted a bit in the face of newer, shinier breweries, to, well, newer, shinier breweries that haven't quite emerged as household names yet but whose beer absolutely merits that kind of ubiquity.

Point is, this celebration of the unsung hero of each state is subjective, just as any list might be. But they're all places we love, places that, for whatever reason, don't get to sit at the top of the totem nearly often enough. They're the most underrated breweries in each state. Are there places we underrated even further by neglecting to mention them? Well, extol their virtues in the comments so we know what we're missing.


Avondale Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Back Forty Beer Co., Good People Brewing Co.
Being housed in a historic building that's been everything from a saloon to a brothel kind of steeps Avondale in history, which might explain why, despite being relatively new to the scene, it's pumping out beers with the precision of folks who have been in the business for decades. Whether it's the Miss Fancy's tripel -- named for a beer-swilling elephant of Birmingham's yesteryear -- or the Pachyderm pale (these guys really like that long-nosed bastard), Avondale has emerged from Back Forty's considerable shadow, making huge strides in elevating the city's scene. Even better? The place is haunted. And, naturally, old Meredith has her own Oktoberfest to keep her appeased.


Kassik's Brewery (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Anchorage Brewing Co., Midnight Sun Brewing Co.
Alaska’s far from short on big-name breweries (Midnight Sun, Anchorage, Alaskan), but in far-flung Nikiski, a former homebrewer runs a 10-tap brewhouse, while also distributing his work to bars and restaurants around the state and bottling some of his suds so that traders around the country might be able to snag some. That's awfully kind of him, because the smoked Russian imperial stout is an example of how to do smoked beers right, and the Caribou Kilt is both a fine rendition of a Scotch ale and literally the best possible name for a Scotch ale brewed in Alaska.

Mother Road Brewing Co.


Mother Road Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Four Peaks Brewing Co.
It's no secret that there's plenty of good beer in AZ, but not many distribute their wares (we're looking at you, Papago and Fate). Mother Road, opened in 2011 in a former laundromat, is our pick for its killer Tower Station IPA, the 100-IBU black IPA Lost Highway, and the eminently drinkable Gold Road kolsch, which is tailor-made for those blazing-hot Arizona days. Hell, or mornings if it's a weekend. Or Monday. How else are you supposed to get through the week?


Core Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Diamond Bear Brewing Co., Ozark Beer Company
Many brewpubs are content to can or bottle one or two of their most popular beers and call it a day. Not Core, which operates five pubs in AR, and a separate brewery taproom where all the good stuff gets bottled and canned. It seemingly packages its entire lineup. Everything from the spring seasonal toasted coconut ale to the year-round ESB finds a home in one of those vessels. And because the brewery's a mere 20-minute drive from the Razorback campus, the Arkansas Red amber's availability is clutch in a tailgate. Drinking it practically comes with a legal requirement to shout "woo pig sooie!" at an earsplitting volume.


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Russian River Brewing Company
Picking just one underrated brewery from the state with more breweries than any other -- book-ended by hubs like San Diego, San Francisco, and Sonoma, no less -- could just as well be like throwing a dart. But California's also a state that's known to freak out about the next big thing, and generally ignore the older stuff. We're talking, of course, about actors. But also beer. Sierra Nevada's been around so long, and permeated the market so efficiently, that it's easy to forget how goddamned amazing and consistent even the hoppy (pioneering!) pale ale is. Beer nerds know the magic of Bigfoot barleywine and Narwhal, sure, but it's unlikely Joe Six-Pack has any clue how incredible nearly every offering from SN is, even if that six-pack is full of pale. That's because SN seems content to keep producing one of the most quietly pervasive and successful independent brews on the market without shouting it from the mountaintops. It could shout it, though. They're kind of in its backyard.


New Belgium Brewing Co. (address and info)
Fort Collins
Top-rated breweries: Great Divide Brewing Co., Avery Brewing Co.
How the hell can one of the largest craft breweries in the country possibly be underrated? When it's in the same state where Great Divide, Avery, Odell, Oskar Blues, and Crooked Stave brew their incredible beers. New Belgium helped popularize craft beer starting way back before the craft boom in 1991, and its flagship beer, Fat Tire, is the beer equivalent of oxygen: available everywhere on Earth and not too notable. But when we reduce the brewery to its most popular beer, that's a way of discounting it, especially considering it releases solid brews year after year, many of which are new releases. Like the tangerine IPA Citradelic which just hit shelves in Jan 2016, and every single release in the Lips of Faith series, in which the standout sour La Folie is included.


Relic Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: New England Brewing Co.
All you need to understand why Relic is a special brewery is to look at a recent Facebook post. In it, there's an announcement that a double dry-hopped version of its popular IPA Tropicale will be on tap, and that it won't last more than a few days. It'll also have a new stout available in two versions: with and without coffee. Because why not. That's the beauty of Relic: beers show up for a weekend and are never seen again. Luckily for those who don't want to hang out in the most boringly named city in America every weekend or don't like surprises, it bottles its beers, including The Huntress DIPA, the dark saison Demiana, and the significantly less-dark saison Field Hand.

Fordham and Dominion Brewing


Fordham & Dominion Brewing (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
It might come as a shock, but Delaware does have more to offer than a venue for stock cars to drive around in a very large circle, and water for Dogfish Head to brew its beers with. For one of America's tiniest states, it's nothing short of a miracle that a place so thoroughly affiliated with one particular influential craft brewery has the capacity to support a brewery with bottled beers under the Fordham and Dominion labels (the two breweries joined their operations in 2007). But such is the Delawarean thirst for beers, including the much-lauded Dominion Oak Barrel Stout, a Chesapeake Bay-sourced oyster stout, and a Rams Head IPA under the Fordham banner.


Funky Buddha Brewery (address and info)
Oakland Park
Top-rated brewery: Cigar City Brewing
In Florida, Cigar City's -- rightfully -- the king of the scene (and, if rumors are true, could soon be coming to less-bronzed parts of the country). 7venth Sun is the favorite of those "in the know." Due South is delicious, but sometimes elusive. And J. Wakefield's like the new kid in school that everybody wants to be friends with. That leaves Funky Buddha, which sometimes gets the short shrift for being a bit more crowd-pleasing and more earnest. If there's anywhere where a session IPA makes sense, it's Florida. FB goofs off, but strikes the right notes, with fun stuff like the Don't Tell Reece peanut butter cup brown ale, and gets more serious with the barrel-aged Hop Gun IPA and a French toast double brown ale, a beer you can drink for breakfast while grandma gets the early bird.


Burnt Hickory Brewing (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Creature Comforts Brewing, SweetWater Brewing Co.
Terrapin is absolutely bringing it on the stout front (Wake-n-Bake is one of our top coffee beers), but Kennesaw's Burnt Hickory is no slouch either with its Big Shanty graham cracker stout. But while Terrapin is Georgia craft beer royalty at this point, Burnt Hickory is an up-and-comer on the state's brewing scene, having started as a nanobrewery in 2012 and expanded enough since then to be considered micro. The rapidly expanding size certainly hasn't hurt it in the creativity department, as the Didjits blood orange IPA and the red velvet cake porter Courageous Conductor prove. And don't forget the bourbon barrel-aged barleywine Killdozer. Not that you could with a name like that.


Big Island Brewhaus (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Maui Brewing Co.
You probably guessed that this brewery is on Hawaii's Big Island based on the fact that it's called a brewhaus. OK, that likely wasn't why. But the super-strange thing about this brewery is that it was built in the same space as a Mexican restaurant in 2011, and six months after it started brewing, it won a gold medal for its Overboard IPA. Since then, it began packaging its brews, with Overboard, the Belgian strong Golden Sabbath, and the award-winning White Mountain porter all finding homes in bottles. Maui Brewing might have a brand-new brewery in Kihei, but Big Island is keeping beer lovers on Hawaii quite happy.


Crooked Fence Brewing (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Selkirk Abbey Brewing Co., Grand Teton Brewing Co.
The Boise area's long been the antithesis of what most of the country thinks of when they imagine Idaho -- which is to say, it's not all truck nuts and good ol' boys. In fact, the craft scene is booming, and for the past three years Crooked Fence has been right in the thick of it. The place has made a big impression for its gorgeous labels and even more memorable beers: Sins of Our Fathers imperial stout, Evil Harvest pumpkin, and Trainwreck Red are our faves. CF's been content to pump out some of the area's best beers and make its hometown better rather than burst out of its bubble. People might preach the gospel of Selkirk Abbey, but they pump their fists at Crooked Fence.

Two Brothers Brewing Company


Two Brothers Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Half Acre Beer Co.
Two Brothers is one of the OGs of Illinois craft brewing, having opened in Warrenville (a Chicago suburb) in 1996. These days it's fairly ubiquitous -- like, a well-meaning dad will totally nab a variety pack of it at Costco because he hears the kids "are into the craft beers now." But you know what? Nice work, dad! Flagship offerings like Domaine DuPage and Cain and Ebel remain as reliable as ever, Sidekick cans make a hell of an addition to a summer BBQ, and the Hop Centric double IPA proves these guys aren’t afraid to go big, either. In different but related brewing news, they also roast some mean coffee these days.


18th Street Brewery (address and info)
Gary & Hammond
Top-rated brewery: 3 Floyds Brewing Co.
While the purveyors of the Dark Lord cast a long shadow in the Hoosier State (particularly its Northwest corner), 18th Street has won a smaller but increasingly vocal band of followers since opening in 2013, and that band is about to get bigger thanks to a shiny new facility in nearby Hammond that opened in February, meaning more brewing capacity and more covetable brews like the excellent imperial stout Bitches' Bank. It also means, as more people get their hands on it, that it’ll be tough for 18th Street to fly under the radar much longer.


Great River Brewery (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.
You simply can't touch Toppling Goliath in Iowa when it comes to rabid beer-geek fandom, but Great River’s been steadfastly doing its thing since 2010, and luckily, that "thing" happens to be making some really enjoyable beer. The Redband stout (made with cold-pressed espresso beans) is one of the more pleasant canned-stout experiences you’ll encounter. The 483 pale ale's like a lawnmower beer for hop enthusiasts. And Big Cock IPA is a potent blow against political correctness in favor of more wiener puns. Keep it up, Great River.


Tallgrass Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Free State Brewing Co.
Kansas doesn’t have many major breweries to begin with, so it might seem odd to slap arguably the most readily available one with the underrated label, but stay with it for a bit. Tallgrass made the jump to cans in 2010 when that was still something of a new-ish move for a craft brewery. Now it seems like Buffalo Sweat is the go-to dark beer at every Midwest restaurant that just now decided it wants to offer "craft" beers. Or maybe you'll spot it on the shelves at the pharmacy while on the way to pick up toilet paper and anti-fungal ointment. Do any of these things make Buffalo Sweat a less delicious, well-balanced stout? NO. They do not.


West Sixth Brewing (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Against the Grain Brewhouse
The state that normally gets its buzz from bourbon only had its first craft brewery in 1993: Bluegrass Brewing. Bluegrass has since expanded to two brewpubs in Louisville, a city that needs a drink after the Cardinals were banned from participating in March Madness. And while it's important to give props to the originator, it's West Sixth that deserves the underrated banner, as its Lexington-based operation has become more than a brewery: it's a fixture of the community, with the running club and charitable work it performs via a Pay It Forward charity. Oh, and the beer's pretty good, too: the uber-popular Snake Eyes imperial stout was recently put into cans, and the hop-forward 7% IPA is its most popular brew.

Nora McGunnigle/Thrillist


Bayou Teche Brewing (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Great Raft Brewing, NOLA Brewing Co.
Louisiana -- thanks to some obscure small town called New Something-or-other -- is a great place to drink. But it's not exactly known for its craft beer. That's a-changing, thanks in large part to the work of NOLA, Abita, and Great Raft. But while they're hogging the spotlight, Bayou's been getting French/Cajun on brewing in a railcar converted into a farmhouse brewery,  where it pumps out everything from Coteau Rodaire -- a sauvignon blanc barrel-aged French ale -- to seasonal fruit beers, a tradition in the South that Bayou Teche does better than damned near anyone. Naturally, it all pairs really well with crawfish.


Foundation Brewing Company (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Maine Beer Co., Allagash
One of our top new breweries in the US isn't likely to stay underrated for very long. In fact, if word of mouth and increasing availability continue at the rate they're going, Foundation could well head up with the big dogs sooner than we think, making this entry obsolete. Frankly, we hope it happens, because that would mean Foundation's farmhouse IPA, Brett saison, and Bedrock porter broke through from local infamy and into our fridges, ranking up at the top of the heap with big guns like MBC and Allagash.


Evolution Craft Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: DuClaw Brewing Co., Stillwater Artisanal Ales
In a state that's home to big dogs on the craft scene like, umm, Flying Dog, Heavy Seas, DuClaw, and Stillwater, it's Evolution that takes the underrated crown. Somehow a brewpub in Salisbury happens to brew beer as good or better than the big guys who operate on a much larger scale. From its "aggressively hopped" Lot No. 3 IPA to the 8.5% ABV Lot No. 6 DIPA to the Rise Up imperial stout made with a single-origin organic Sumatra coffee, Evolution beer is distributed in bottles, and is available on tap for its co-owners' eight other restaurants around MD.


Trillium Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Tree House Brewing Co., Jack's Abby
Considered one of the best breweries in the Northeast by a publication smarter and more important than The Economist, Trillium also produces a coffee stout that has a fan in Dogfish Head's beer genius Sam Calagione. Its popularity led it to open a 16,000sqft new facility in Canton at the end of 2015, even before the brewery turned three. Standouts include the Fort Point pale ale... and basically every other dry-hopped beer it produces. Demand still appears to outstrip supply, as there are limits to how many bottles you can purchase from the brewery on nearly all its beers. You could argue it hasn't quite achieved the critical and cultural mass as other, umm, Mass craft breweries like Tree House and Jack's Abby, but it appears it won't be much longer before that happens.

Dark Horse Brewing Co./Rhino Media Productions


Dark Horse Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Founders Brewing Co.
Arguing that a brewery named "Dark Horse" is a bit overlooked might feel a bit on the nose, and arguing that a brewery with as lengthy and as decorated a record as Dark Horse qualifies as underrated might feel a bit crazy, but hold your (sigh) horses. When your brewing neck of the woods includes two breweries that combine the size/quality combo of Founders and Bell's, it can be hard not to seem a bit overlooked, even if your roster of brews includes such attention-demanding offerings as nearly flawless imperial stout Plead the 5th. Also, if you like blueberries, beer, and happiness, get your hands on some Tres.


Steel Toe Brewing (address and info)
St. Louis Park
Top-rated brewery: Surly Brewing Co.
The can-tastic work of Surly remains the most dominant force in Minnesota brewing (which is totally cool -- don’t want to piss those folks off), but Steel Toe has methodically built out an impressive roster of brews in its own right in the handful of years it’s been operating. Size 7 (get it?) is a damn fine IPA with a 7% ABV, but you can grab a Size 11 (NOW do you get it?) if you're in the market for something bigger. And if shoe-size wordplay doesn't interest you, perhaps a fantastic English barleywine like Lunker will?


Crooked Letter Brewing Co. (address and info)
Ocean Springs
Top-rated breweries: Lazy Magnolia, Southern Prohibition Brewing
The good folks at Brewhoppin note that in MS, beer was only allowed to be between 5-8% in 2012, and homebrewing was legalized as recently as 2013. That does not equal a recipe conducive to people opening breweries. Therefore, we could viably make the case that every single brewery in MS is underrated because there aren't that many of them to begin with. But instead we'll just say Crooked Letter is the pick, and that its beer offer Mississippians a solid reason to stop drinking moonshine, what with a coffee-/chocolate-infused Mystery Romp ale, the Italian-style lager Stabello, and the Crooked Heffy hefeweizen.


4 Hands Brewing Co. (address and info)
St. Louis
Top-rated brewery: Perennial Artisan Ales
Schlafly and Boulevard represent the old guard (well, not the OLDEST guard when it comes to Missouri breweries, but, you know), and Perennial is perennially (!) fantastic, as is its offshoot, Side Project. Amid all that, 4 Hands has put itself squarely on the map in a fairly short amount of time, doing a dizzying variety of beers exceedingly well, none of them better than the standout milk stout Madagascar (it's better than the movie!) With the sheer number of special releases, barrel-aged offerings, and collabs these guys do, you'd almost think they have extra appendages or something.


Tamarack Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Big Sky Brewing Co.
If the rest of the country is to be believed, Montana is covered in Moose Drool. Which, honestly, isn't a bad vision, considering how great Missoula’s Big Sky is. Montana being, you know, Montana, things are pretty spread out, meaning that despite the state putting out some amazing beers, you don't always know where they are (or have the patience to drive 40 hours to get 'em), meaning most breweries could be considered underrated. But among those underrated breweries, our hearts belong to Lakeside's Tamarack, which has to its name a gold medal English-style IPA to go along with its mysterious black session ale, smoked Scotch ale, and other takes on old-school classics right down to barleywine. There's plenty of room under the big sky, and Tamarack is one of the beacons worth following.

Zipline Brewing Co.


Zipline Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated brewery: Nebraska Brewing Co.
Zip line: overrated as a leisure activity, underrated as a brewery! While Nebraska Brewing makes up for what it lacks in creative nomenclature with a near-dominance on putting out the best beers in the state, Zipline's started to turn some heads in the couple of years it's been running. The flagship New Zealand IPA isn't a hop bomb, but has won over fans with a pleasing accessibility and subtle complexity, and the oatmeal porter and nut brown also represent strong entries among the flagships, while the rich, malty black IPA suggests there are some interesting places for this brewery to go.


Big Dog's Brewing Co. (address and info)
Las Vegas
Top-rated brewery: Tenaya Creek Brewery
Big Dog's Brewing Co. sadly has no relation to the hilarious T-shirt brand of the '90s, though that shouldn't stop you from drinking its beers while wearing a T-shirt with an enormous pooch on it to become the ultimate Big Dog. We'll give a tip of the cap to Joseph James' bourbon barrel-aged offerings out of Henderson, but Big Dog nabs the underrated crown for its overall superior selection of beers. Big Dog began brewing beers in NV in '93 under the Holy Cow! moniker, but switched gears over a decade ago, with the owners changing its name, expanding capacity, and beginning distribution. The West Coast IPA Dirty Dog and War Dog imperial IPA are both canned, bottled, and popular, but it's probably also worth tracking down a bomber of the English-style brown Red Hydrant, as it just won gold at the 2015 GABF. And next time you're in Vegas, it might be worth stopping by the brewery, as we recently named it a top beer destination.

New Hampshire

White Birch Brewing (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Smuttynose Brewing Co., Stoneface Brewing Co.
One story widely told about White Birch is that the co-owner spent 15 years homebrewing before finally opening a brewery, which became one of the first nanobreweries in the state. But with the brewery's growth in the past few years, it might not be too long until it catches up to the size of Smuttynose, which lies about 35 miles east on a $24 million campus. White Birch doesn't have a campus yet, but it is rapidly expanding distribution of its beers like blueberry Berliner weisse, the black IPA Nyx, and a watermelon wheat.

New Jersey

Kane Brewing Company (address and info)
Ocean Township
Top-rated breweries: River Horse Brewing Co., Carton Brewing
Sure, the Garden State was late to the party, but that hasn't stopped a handful of breweries from changing the landscape. And while all that's been happening, Kane's just been chillin' on the coast, making delicious, unfiltered, unpasteurized, Belgium-inspired beers that they hand-deliver to local restaurants, cultivating a draft-only cult along the way. There's another operation that started with a similar model. I think its name was Widmer or something. Not sure how it worked out for them...

Lee Breslouer/Thrillist

New Mexico

Santa Fe Brewing Co. (address and info)
Santa Fe
Top-rated breweries: Marble Brewery, La Cumbre Brewing Co.
New Mexico's brewing scene has come a long way since Santa Fe Brewing began crafting beers in 1988. It won its first Great American Beer Fest medal in 1991, and more afterwards -- a fact you'll be reminded of when you see its numerous awards the second you step into the Fire Place brewery (that's the name of the street it's on, for real). Santa Fe might not have the shine of La Cumbre or Marble (or even Bosque, which is brewing great beer right now), but it's still brewing beers worthy of attention. To go along with its long-running flagships like the Imperial Java Stout (one of the best coffee beers in America), there's a newcomer like Adobe Igloo, a delicious seasonal that's a New Mexican take on the winter warmer, with red chile flakes and cacao instead of a "Wintery spice blend."

New York

Sloop Brewing Co. (address and info)
Top-rated breweries: Other Half Brewing Co., Brooklyn Brewery
With respect to the amazing craftsmen in Brooklyn and the tight-pantsed people who worship at their hand-carved altars, artisanal products are not exclusive to Brooklyn, and New York is not exclusive to the five boroughs. Two hours north in Elizaville, for example, you'll find Sloop, which takes its craft so seriously that it actually farms the ingredients for its incredible oatmeal stouts, fruity sours, fresh-hopped harvest ales, and red IPA on site. You don't see a lot of orchards in the city. And you don't find many breweries that craft their beers this lovingly -- and void of braggadocio -- anywhere.

North Carolina

Ponysaurus Brewing (address and info)  
Top-rated breweries: Foothills Brewing, Wicked Weed Brewing
Asheville understandably hogs a lot of the spotlight when it comes to NC beer, what with being one of the country's best beer cities and all. But that's just allowed the folks over in Durham to quietly start building their own stable of fantastic breweries, of which Ponysaurus might be the most fascinating, and not just because of the amazing horse/dino hybrid that made its way from our dreams and onto the label. This joint loves to jump all over the style spectrum, from rye pale ale to fig saison to one of the best chocolate stouts on the market. Regardless of what's being brewed, it's bound to be different from everything else. Which is to say, when you see that logo, you know you're in good hooves.

North Dakota

Drekker Brewing Company (address and info)  
Top-rated brewery: Fargo Brewing Co.
Whenever somebody talks about NoDak, Fargo inevitably comes up. That goes double for beer, since Fargo Brewing Co. has long been the biggest name in a pretty sparse field. Still, there are other breweries scattered throughout, and Drekker -- which ditches cinematic references for Viking ones -- is cultivating a cult based around its strong, confident offerings which range from the high-octane Nightman Cometh imperial stout to the Broken Rudder IRA and quality pale ales for days. North Dakota might not have a lot of breweries, but with spots like Drekker doing their things, it's at least got quality on lock.


MadTree Brewing (address and info)  
Top-rated breweries: Hoppin' Frog Brewery, Great Lakes Brewing Co.
It was tempting to go with college-town cult favorite Jackie O’s here, but tapping one of the best breweries from one of America’s most overlooked beer cities just felt right, especially given the mind-altering quaffability of Galaxy High (there's no, like, weird substances in it or anything, it's just a really tasty beer) and the reliability of seasonals like Thundersnow, a winter warmer as well as a weather phenomenon Midwesterners are becoming disturbingly familiar with. Axis Mundi, the brewery's entry into the barrel-aged stout game, has also been well received. Also -- style bonus points for the fetching but minimalist cans.

Jennifer Pitts-Wygle/Marshall Brewing


Marshall Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Top-rated breweries: Choc Beer Company, Prairie Artisan Ales
It's not an exaggeration to say there are more breweries in a few square blocks of Portland, OR than in the entire state of Oklahoma. But by golly are there some good breweries packed into the state -- Prairie obviously being one of them. A mere 10-minute drive from Tulsa's Prairie brewery is Marshall, which began brewing a few years earlier. Marshall isn't currently the main event in its own damn town, despite setting the table for breweries like Prairie and Dead Armadillo, which is a perfect recipe for being underrated. In addition to its popular 6.5% ABV Atlas IPA, Marshall brews the dry-hopped, 80-IBU El Cucuy black IPA (an underrated style if there ever was one), and the märzen Oktoberfest.


Upright Brewing (address and info)  
Top-rated brewery: Breakside Brewery
Another crowded field packed with breweries -- not a bad problem to have, mind you -- Oregon's pick for most underrated brewery could have been any number of breweries from any town across the state, which has its fair share of legends big and small. But our gut went with Upright, and not just because our gut was thirsty for its amazing table saisons, fantastic oyster stout (best served at the Upright-affiliated Grain & Gristle), and a session stout that redefines what the traditionally robust beer can be. The open-fermentation system produces fantastic-tasting room-exclusive sours, and lest you find yourself in need of something lighter, well, it also does pilsner proper. It does everything proper. Portland's beer nerds know all this. It's time for everyone else to catch up.


Pizza Boy Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Top-rated breweries: Tröegs Independent Brewing, Victory Brewing Co.
Bottles are extremely rare. Sorry. But Pizza Boy does deliver kegs to PA and NYC, so finding it isn't some sort of search for a greasy grail, which is fantastic, because, well, the beer is fantastic, especially the sours. To wit: the newest batch of Permasmile is about to be released, a white-wine barrel sour aged with peaches and apricots. The pizza shop it shares a space with (Al's of Hampden) has been there for 15+ years, but the brewery only got started in 2011, which is notable only because of how quickly it's ramped up, expanding three times in a few years. In addition to the sours, the Sunny Side Up imperial coffee stout, and the Hampden IPA are standouts. For visual proof of their greatness, a friend of Thrillist even made a beer doc that includes Pizza Boy's story.

Rhode Island

Proclamation Ale Co. (address and info)  
West Kingston
Top-rated brewery: Grey Sail Brewing of RI
We gave the two-year-old brewery Proclamation a shoutout in our July 2015 story about the best craft brewery in every state, saying that it was "making headway" in the RI beer scene. At this point, the headway has been... headwayed (??), and thus it was a no-brainer to name it the most underrated brewery in the state. We'd like to proclaim that the brewery is making beers worthy of your attention: from the 6% ABV Derivative: Galaxy pale ale to the 6% ABV Derivative: Mosaic, to a beer name that isn't derivative in any way: ZzzLumber, a bold 10.2% ABV Russian imperial stout.

South Carolina

Freehouse Brewery (address and info)  
Top-rated breweries: Thomas Creek Brewery, Westbrook Brewing Co.
South Carolina beer has a lot keeping it off the radar in general, what with the wealth of breweries that don’t bottle, and its glory-hog of a neighbor to the north. But that just means there's more room for discovery, and we definitely recommend discovering Freehouse, which, like the more famous Westbrook, specializes in Old World brews with a twist. That results in some bizarrely wonderful offerings such as the Mullet -- an India pale... coffee brown?! -- a 9% imperial farmhouse, and a wild-yeasted kiwi/peach sour that comes out of left field. If you’re looking for something predictable, well, you're not going to find it. That’s a very good thing for most of us.

South Dakota

Hay Camp Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Rapid City
Top-rated brewery: Crow Peak Brewing Co.
We often tease South Dakota, but we also really love it, and a huge part of that love stems from the undiscovered breweries therein. And while Crow Peak has long been the favorite, that doesn't take away from the efforts of brewers across the state. But it's in the Crow Peak-adjacent Rapid City that Hay Camp is shelling out solid beers like the deceptively smooth Best Bitter, the booming Hopdlebar Maltstache double pale ale, and more. (You want beer-snobby? A Cascadian black ale's the closest you're gonna get, neckbeard.) This is no-nonsense beer brewed under the watchful eye of a gigantic stone carving of Teddy Roosevelt, for God’s sake. You don't want to disappoint the Bull Moose.

Blackstone Brewing Co.


Blackstone Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Top-rated breweries: Yazoo Brewing Co., Wiseacre Brewing
Like the hard-drinkin' protagonist of a particularly uplifting country song, Tennessee's beer scene has fought long and hard to get the recognition it deserves. Now, young bucks like Yazoo and Wiseacre Brewing are center stage, but Blackstone's the legend, one of the pioneers who still pumps out remarkable beers like  Stephanie's Dubbel -- named for the brewery's late co-founder -- and St. Charles porter. Basically, if they made a movie about brewing in Tennessee, Blackstone would be the beloved but often overlooked legend played by Jeff Bridges, and we'd be barred from visiting for making terrible country-music references.


Live Oak Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Del Valle
Top-rated brewery: Jester King Brewery
Jester King hogs the Austin craft beer attention these days, and with good reason. But Live Oak has been brewing delicious European-style beers since 1997, and it's hitting its stride right in time for us to gush about its beers. The brewery just began canning its beloved HefeWeizen (the Pilz and Big Bark will be canned later this year), and a new taproom/beer garden opened in the Austin 'burbs to host Texas beer lovers who might have forgotten about this gem in their midst.


Wasatch Brew Pub (address and info)  
Park City
Top-rated breweries: Uinta Brewing Co., Epic Brewing Co.
Utah's oldest craft brewery -- started in 1986 by a dude from Milwaukee who took one look at the beer scene in the state and ripped the Zion curtain right down -- helped lay the foundation for what's fast becoming a movement in the state, though it's lately ceded the headlines to the likes of Uinta and Epic. The oldest, though, is still among the best, and any doubt of that should evaporate with one sip of Polygamy Porter, which is now available in the nitro bottle and ready to pull the spotlight on Utah beer to where it all began again.


Switchback Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Top-rated breweries: Alchemist Brewery, Hill Farmstead Brewery
Vermont has emerged as one of the nation's great beer destination thanks in part to heavy hitters like Magic Hat and Alchemist, which has turned Heady Topper into a legend unto itself... one that sometimes dwarfs those in its orbit. But that hasn’t stopped Switchback from moving forward with its own reliably great line of naturally conditioned beers like the Connector IPA and namesake pale. But for those seeking something more intense, there’s a limited line that lets the brewers run rampant on everything from French saison to a Thai lime gose, striking a balance between reliable predictability and "holy shit" innovation without compromising on flavor.


Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery (address and info)  
Top-rated breweries: Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Devils Backbone Brewing Co.
Any brewery that grows a ton of the ingredients used in its beer from its own 200-acre farm (and isn't a craft beer behemoth like Rogue) deserves your attention. And despite being operational for less than three years, Lickinghole Creek has the attention of the beer nerds in VA, who makes sure its bourbon-barrel Russian imperial Enlightened Despot sells out immediately whenever it's released. Beer lovers outside of VA are paying attention as well: the Mexican-spiced imperial stout Heir Apparent won silver at last year's GABF. While those beers are tough-ish to track down, it's quite a bit easier to get your hands on canned beers like the 'Til Sunset session IPA and the Belgian pale Magic Beaver. Because where there's a Magic Beaver, there's a Lickinghole.



Propolis Brewing (address and info)  
Port Townsend
Top-rated breweries: Elysian Brewing Co., Fremont Brewing
Named for a resinous goo that bees use to seal honeycombs, Propolis takes its natural selection seriously, relying on local ingredients to craft farmhouse ale and gruits, an Old World-style "herbal ale" that has nothing to do with a Vin Diesel-voiced tree thing. These beers often eschew hops, meaning Propolis will rely on botanicals and herbs for flavoring, in addition to everything from dandelion bitters and spruce, to roasted chestnut, hyssop, and elderflower honey (plus the occasional Noble hop variety). In a state like Washington, that commitment to natural brewing is huge, and now that it has a GABF gold for American-style Brett hanging in its new-and-improved facility, word of this innovator's work should spread (ugh) organically.

Washington, DC

DC Brau Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Washington, DC
Top-rated brewery: 3 Stars Brewing Co.
With a tip of the hat to Bluejacket for being one of those DC breweries we considered, we ultimately went with a brewery that's a little easier to find, or at least to transport without bringing your own containers. That'd be DC Brau: a District favorite that offers more six-packs than the Chippendales show your girlfriend went to that one weekend in Vegas. Seriously, it cans a ton of beer, including the beloved On the Wings of Armageddon imperial IPA, The Public pale ale, a Belgian pale called The Citizen, and The Stone of Arbroath, which is either a Scotch ale or the name of a high school metal band.

West Virginia

Mountain State Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Top-rated brewery: Bridge Brew Works
There just aren't a whole lot of breweries in West Virginia (probably because it seems like a huge pain in the ass to brew beer there), but Mountain State Brewing has managed to open two brewpubs and a brewing facility in a town of about 600 people. That's doing yeoman's work to promote locally made craft beer in a state that doesn't seem to want the business. It's also possible that every man and woman over 21 in Thomas, WV works at the brewery. Even more impressively, the brewery isn't content to simply put its beers on draft -- it cans plenty of beers, including the Seneca IPA, the blonde ale Cold Trail, and the Miner's Daughter oatmeal stout.


Central Waters Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Top-rated brewery: New Glarus Brewing
It’s tough to touch New Glarus when it comes to ubiquity in Wisconsin, but Central Waters has also been making standout beer since the Clinton administration, and thankfully has had the capacity to create even more of it since relocating to its current Amherst digs in 2007. The barrel-aged releases are just as worthy of fanfare as certain other Midwest breweries who tend to garner a bit more of it. While the brewery does plenty of styles quite well (the Illumination IPA is as delightful as it is potent), you’re likely to be particularly enamored with its work if you enjoy the dark stuff.


Ten Sleep Brewing Co. (address and info)  
Ten Sleep
Top-rated breweries: Snake River Brewing, Melvin Brewing
Have you ever been to Ten Sleep? We're guessing no, considering most people passing through Wyoming are there for outdoor sports or to try to sell movies to Robert Redford. But damned if the tiny -- 260 or so folks -- town in the Big Horn foothills isn't a picture of Western beauty, complete with its own brewery that's the polar opposite of Jackson's acclaimed Melvin. You won't find anything crazy here. Just solid beer made right, from the Outlaw amber to the Pale Rider and Speed Goat golden. It's a simple, beautiful town, and this is the simple, beautiful beer it deserves.

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Thrillist contributors Meredith Heil, Ezra Johnson-Greenough, Zach Mack, and many others contributed to this report.

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1. Avondale Brewing Company 201 41st St S, Birmingham, AL 35222

The motto of this Birmingham brewhouse is "What do you have to lose? Come on by and have a few," and we couldn't agree more. Avondale is housed in a historic building that at once used to be a saloon, a pharmacy, and a brothel. This brewery's roots in Prohibition and the industrial brewing during the early 1920s' and 1930s' informs their beer making process today. They make bold, hoppy concoctions named after and inspired by local history of Birmingham and the Avondale neighborhood.

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2. Kassik's Kenai Brew Stop 47160 Spruce Haven St, Kenai, AK 99611

Kassik's Kenai Brew Stop in Kenai, Alaska may be a bit out of the way for most but it's well worth the trek. This brewery crafts fine ales inspired by the terrain of the rural wilderness of the tundra and Pacific Northwest. Their Morning Wood English IPA with dry, flavorful Pacific hops is a favorite of ours, and we also love the slightly spicy Beaver Tail Light Blonde Ale on tap. Visit the brewery and refill your growler for a cool $15.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
3. Mother Road Brewing Company 7 South Mikes Pike, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

The impetus to create this Flagstaff brewery started on a road trip down Route 66, hence its name, Mother Road, and old school nickname for America's famed highway. Owned and operated by a husband and wife duo, Mother Road offers a niche variety seasonal taps and year round favorites in their onsite brewpub. Be sure to stop in for weekend happy hour deals on pints ($4 on Saturdays) and growlers ($9 on Sundays).

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
4. Core Brewing Company 2470 N Lowell Rd, Springdale, AR 72764

Beer lovers take note of this North Arkansas brewpub. Core Brewing is a friendly operation comprised of a small, local crew dedicated to creating delicious micro-brews. The majority of their line-up is rounded out by year-round brews, from Oatmeal Stouts to totally quaffable IPAs. Join their "Pounders Club" for Core Beer aficionados and get great deals on tap, plus membership perks redeemable at their on-site pub.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
5. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 1075 E 20th St, Chico, CA 95928

A craft beer fave, Sierra Nevada's HQ in Chico, CA is a must-visit for West Coast beer lovers. This massive space is open seven days a week, offering speciality tours about the on-site brewmaking process-- there are tours focused on the sustainability of beer making, obscure beer knowledge (joking titled "The Beer Geek" tour), and a there's a rundown on the history of IPAs, for example. The all-day taproom serves brew (duh) plus a variety of upscale American fare.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
6. New Belgium Brewery 500 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

New Belgium helped popularize craft beer starting way back before the craft boom in 1991, and its flagship beer, Fat Tire, is the beer equivalent of oxygen: available everywhere on Earth and not too notable. And, by being one of the largest craft breweries in the country, New Belgium has the time to produce a varied selection of year-round brews, which include ginger beers, chocolate stouts and several other unique brews you can't get anywhere else. At the facility there are also mountain bike races, bike-in movie screenings, and enough beer-education events to basically make you a cicerone. If there existed a beer-themed amusement park, it would look a lot like New Belgium.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
7. Relic Brewing 95 Whiting St, Plainville, CT 06062

The inconspicuous location and small, dimly lit rooms add to the mystique of this microbrewery. Tucked away in an industrial space and set back from the road without a sign, Relic Brewing Company is easy to miss. But don’t: beer aficionados rave it’s got some of the best beer in the Northeast. If you’re short on time, the service is fast enough to get you in and out of there in less than an hour. Want a canvas to take home with your beer? The walls are decorated with work from local artists, most of which is for sale.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
8. Old Dominion Brewing Co 1284 MCD Dr, Dover, DE 19901

Move over Dogfish Head... there's a new Delaware craft brewer in town. Old Dominion & Fordham Brewing in Dover specialize in high ABV brews and hand crafted sodas. The two breweries joined forces in 2007 and since then they've been cooking up a wide variety of ales, lagers and stouts, emblazoned with images on pin-up girls and 50s' style bombshells on the bottles. Recently ranked as one of the Top 50 brewers in the nation, you'll be seeing a lot more of Old Dominion soon.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
9. The Funky Buddha Brewery 1201 NE 38th St, Oakland Park, FL 33334 (Fort Lauderdale)

Funky Buddha Brewing is home to big flavors, meaning that in a peanut butter and jelly beer, you’ll actually taste the roasted peanuts and fruit jam as you sip. Flagship beers include Hop Gun IPA and Floridian Hefeweizen, which pair perfectly with the cheese board, soft pretzel, Floridian spiced olives, and pork sandwich, which are all made in-house and served at the brewery. The space is industrial-chic with flecks of wood and chrome imbued in the walls.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
10. Burnt Hickory Brewery 2260 Moon Station Ct NW Ste 210, Kennesaw, GA 30144

This rock 'n roll inspired micro brewery in Kennesaw, GA gets major points for its bold, flavorful ales. These bodacious beers (the company motto re: flavor is: "To be minimal would be criminal") are inspired by the history of the American South. Open Tuesday- Saturday, stop by and see how the folks here turn hops into gold. Tours are only offered one Saturday per month, so be sure to plan ahead.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
11. Big Island Brewhaus 64-1066 Mamalahoa Highway, Waimea, HI

Big Island, little brewery. This folksy brewing operation in Waimea keeps it real with their micro-batch beers, small staff, and vibrant community culture. Part brewery, part resto and cafe space, Big Island hosts weekly open mic nights and live music, which are perfect to enjoy with a beer and Hawaiian poke taco in hand. Be sure to check their active Facebook page for up to date listings of events and beer tastings.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
12. Crooked Fence Brewery 3705 Idaho 16, Eagle, ID

Finally, Idaho can be known for something other than potatoes. Crooked Fence Brewery in Eagle is a notable craft beer venue worth keeping an eye on. The generous space hosts a brewpub and event space; sip on their quirky ales while you enjoy equally unique selections from their New American inspired bar menu. Their Crooked Flats taproom is where you go to sample all the goods (we especially like the Trainwreck Red ale).

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
13. Two Brothers Tap House 30W315 Calumet Ave W, Warrenville, IL 60555

Two Brothers Tap House is a family owned and operated brewery in Warrenville offering quality craft beers, elevated pub fare, and good cheer. Two Brother's line-up includes (but is not limited to) IPAs, French-inspired amber beers, seasonal specials, and a varied selection of limited edition beers (holiday Porter, Double IPA, Hefeweizein wine). Taste your way through the tap house's rotating roster of signature brews at the the on-site tap house, and check out the website for a calendar of brewery tour dates and community events.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
14. 18th Street Brewery 5417 Oakley Ave, Hammond, IN 46320

This Indiana taproom and brewery is the real deal. Named the #1 New Brewer in Indiana by in 2013, 18th Street doles out over 15 kinds of brew on draft, by the bottle and by the growler. Super cool graphic label designs and funky flavor combinations prove that they aren’t any ordinary brewery. While brewery tours aren't offered, visit the on-site pub to try draft brews, fill your growler, and snack on their sandwiches.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
15. Great River Brewery 332 E 2nd St, Davenport, IA 52801

Business began with a love for craft beer among two college friends. If you’re searching for a relaxing brewery with seasonal offerings and small batch specials, check out this Iowan staple. Looking for a way to brighten your Monday? Great River Brewery offers half-off growler refills on Sunday and Monday. Plus, take a free tour if you want to learn more about how the beer is made.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
16. Tallgrass Brewing Co 5960 Dry Hop Cir, Manhattan, KS 66503

This Manhattan (Kansas) brewery specializes in small-batch, Midwest proud ales and lagers. These quirky brews, emblazoned with graphic, cartoon-like designs, comprise dark imperial stouts, Galaxy hops Pale Ales, caramel Belgian malts, and bourbon enhanced barrel aged lagers, among others. Be sure to check out the Tallgrass Tap House, also in town, where you can munch on craft bar fare and sample all of Tallgrass's brews.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
17. West Sixth Brewing Company 501 W Sixth St, Lexington, KY 40508

West Sixth in Lexington is a large neighborhood craft brewery, taproom, and beer garden offering ales and lagers influenced by the local landscape. Their namesake citrus IPA is sweet, tangy, malty and hoppy-- a decidedly Kentuckian brew if there ever was one. West Sixth's involvement in community events also makes them worth checking out. The brewery hosts game nights, science quizzes, and running, biking, and yoga clubs.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
18. Bayou Teche Brewing 1106 Bushville Hwy, Arnaudville, LA 70512

The beers at this brewery are meant to pair with the Cajun cuisine that the owners grew up with. The brothers converted an old railroad car to a farmhouse brewery. They now cultivate innovative ales that compliment the people of Louisiana.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
19. Foundation Brewing Company 1 Industrial Way Ste 5, Portland, ME 04103

These New England small-batch brews taste great no matter where you drink them, but we'd like to think they're even better when you try 'em on site. Tour Foundation Brewing's brewery and sample all their goods at their taproom. Serving up a variety of ales, porters, and lagers, we guarantee it'll be hard to pick your fave.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
20. Evolution Craft Brewing Co. Public House 201 E Vine St, Salisbury, MD 21804

This massive Maryland brewery has everything you need for a good time. Lots of small-batch brew on hand, including limited edition ales and seasonal specials? Check. A full service restaurant and public house open late, offering great happy hour deals and an extensive array of small plates, entrees, and apps? You got it. And brewery tours offered all weekend long, for free? If any of this sounds appealing, you've gotta check Evolution out.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
21. Trillium Brewing Company 369 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210 (Fort Point Channel)

Because apparently working full-time jobs, opening a fitness business, and raising two young kids wasn't keeping them busy enough, the quite-possibly-insane super-couple behind Trillium has spent the last two years turning their small home-brewing operation into a full-fledged Fort Point brewery.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
22. Dark Horse Brewing Co. 511 S Kalamazoo Ave, Marshall, MI 49068

Dark Horse is a chill neighborhood microbrewery in the heart of Marshall, Michigan. Serving up mugs of "bad ass beer," this family owned and operated spot also features a great, cozy taproom where you can hang out and test drive all the brews. Dark Horse also hosts community events on their grounds, including a Spring Smoke-Off-- seriously, ribs and beer, what could be better?

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
23. Steel Toe Brewing 4848 W 35th St, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Steel Toe Brewing's St. Louis Park tap room offers visitors a taste of its current lineup of beers, as well as growler sales and refills for those who don't want to leave empty-handed. The four brews available year-round, combined with the rotating seasonal selection, ensure that there's always something special for you to sample. By sample, we of course mean guzzle.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
24. Crooked Letter Brewing Co 1805 Government St, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Crooked Letter is a friendly craft beer haven providing cheerful brew across Louisiana and Mississippi. Their operation in Ocean Springs boasts an impressive line-up of microbrews, comprising mocha ales, full bodied IPAs, hoppy Hefeweizens, and seasonal Winter ales, among others. Offering brewery tours every Saturday, you can stop in and taste all the beers on tap, plus browse their gift shop for pint glasses and t-shirts.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
25. 4 Hands Brewing Co. 1220 S 8th St, St Louis, MO 63104

4 Hands Brewing Co. is a craft brewery in Downtown St. Louis. Specializing in barrel-aged brews and offering crazy good pub fare in their on-site taproom, the 4 Hands site is a lively space dedicated to promoting good cheer through (you guessed it) beer. House brews are bold and piquant, and come with handy food pairing ideas. Why not stop by The Fifth Wheel, 4 Hand's on site pub and grill, and test drive the goods?

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
26. Tamarack Brewing Company Alehouse And Grill 231 W Front St, Missoula, MT 59802

Missoula's Tamarack Brewing Company is a not only a brewery, but also a friendly neighborhood haunt in the form of a bar and American style pub. The locally owned brewery offers up quaffable, tasty ales and lagers, all of which are available in their on-site tavern. So kick back and relax with a Tamarack brew in hand and see what all the fuss is about.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
27. Zipline Brewing Co. 2100 Magnum Cir Ste 1, Lincoln, NE 68522

This Nebraska brewery brand caters to fitness enthusiasts, adventurists, and risk taskers -- and it shows in their beer. Zipline will tackle any brewing style and their resulting portfolio is proof with barrel-aged brews, ryes, New Zealand hoppy ales, and stouts. The brewery won the Great American Beer Festival Gold medal for their German Altbier. Monthly brewery tours let guests visit the taproom and taste the goods.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
28. Big Dog’s Brewery 4543 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89130

Whether or not you want to bring your big dog and hang on the pooch-friendly patio, catch the latest Packers game, or unleash for a bit and try your luck in the casino, Big Dog’s Brewing is there with quality craft beer and friendly service. Like their cheese-forward menu, Big Dog aims for that midwestern comfort and kindness. Nothing says “Wisconsin” more than football, fried cheese curds, and bratwurst … except maybe one of the 30 plus trail-blazing brews on tap like Tripel Dog Dare and Tailwagger Wheat.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
29. White Birch Brewing 1339 Hooksett Rd, Hooksett, NH 03106

Hooksett New Hampshire's White Birch Brewing offers small-batch, finely crafted beer in their own custom build facility. Since 2009, they've been cooking up a wide variety of flagship, seasonal, reserve, and artisanal ales, stouts, lagers, and IPAs in bottles, drafts and casks. Come by and tour the grounds, get your growler refilled and sample all the goods at a tasting.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
30. Kane Brewing Company 1750 Bloomsbury Ave, Ocean Township, NJ 07712

Kane Brewing's a coastal craft brewery influenced by the traditional ales and lagers of the Americas and Belgium. All of their beers are brewed, bottled and distilled in house at their Ocean Township manufactory. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, Kane's brews definitely have a little flavor to 'em. Stop by the grounds on weekends for tours and tastings.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
31. Santa Fe Brewing Company 35 Fire Place, Santa Fe, NM 87508

New Mexico's oldest microbrewery, Santa Fe Brewing Company serves up savory, Southwestern inspired takes on basic craft ales and lagers. In the game since 1989, Santa Fe Brewing Company operates out of a massive 13,000 sq ft space and is the home to a 15 barrel "Frankenbrew" copper sill that brings the brew from HQ to distribution across nine different states across the country. Stop by the grounds and see this impressive operation for yourself.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
32. Sloop Brewing Co. 1065 County Route 19, Elizaville, NY 12523

This cozy, family-run brewery makes homemade ales and lagers inspired by the landscape of Upstate New York. Operating out of a old-style, repurposed farm building, Sloop Brewing Co.'s handcrafted brews mirror the site's rustic environs. Year-round selections tend to be fruity, hops-driven and aromatic while seasonal selections are a bit more experimental: think coconut oatmeal stouts and sour blackberry ales.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
33. Ponysaurus Brewing 219 Hood St, Durham, NC 27701

We've never met a pony we didn't like, let alone a beer pony. Hop on and check out this lively beer garden, brewery, and outdoor taproom in Downtown Durham that pours its own curious ales and lagers. Taproom options regularly rotate but they include standbys like Belgian Weizenbocks, India Pale Ales, and Imperial Stouts in addition to some more experimental flavors. Rest assured it'll all be good: Ponysauraus's ales are "the beer beer would drink if beer could drink beer."

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
34. Wurst Bier Hall and Drekker Brewing Company 630 1st Ave N Ste 6, Fargo, ND 58102

Not only is Fargo the TV show having a moment right now, but so is Fargo, North Dakota's craft brewery, Drekker Brewing Company. This pint-sized brewery and its one site bar, Wurst Bier Hall, is cooking up beer with major flavor: rye saisons, American pale ales, lagers, and Imperial stouts, to name a few. The space hosts tours (for free!) and tastings, and you should definitely stop into their lively taproom, where you can sample all the goods, hang out with locals, and order in from your favorite nearby restaurants.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
35. MadTree Brewing 5164 Kennedy Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213

MadTree's a lively taproom, brewery and restaurant just outside of Downtown Cincinnati. Brewing up quirky, hops driven ales with creative monikers like the "Gnarly Brown" (a vanilla and brown sugar malt beer) and "Identity Crisis" (a roasted IPA), you can tell the folks at MadTree are having fun with beer and it comes through in the taste. Get your growlers filled at their on-site cafe/taproom, or just hang out and chill.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
36. Marshall Brewing Company 618 S Wheeling Ave, Tulsa, OK 74104

This established Tulsa brewery operates out of a massive space in the city's Downtown district. Producing full bodied ales and lagers, the folks at Marshall Brewing know a thing or two abut hops. Stop by the grounds to refill your growler, take a tour of the grounds (usually occurring one Saturday a month), and be sure to check out Marshall's Facebook for up to date coverage of community events scheduled at the brewery.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
37. Upright Brewing 240 N Broadway, Portland, OR 97227 (N Portland)

NoPo's Upright Brewing is a brewery that specializes in farmhouse-inspired beers with roots in France and Belgium, although they're all made with PNW ingredients and a local twist. In house they have a tasting room where you can sample various drafts & bottles, take a case home, and watch Blazers home games.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
38. Pizza Boy Brewing Company 2240 Millennium Way, Enola, PA 17025

Pizza Boy Brewing Company's got something for everyone. Their seriously extensive range of brews includes barrel-aged farmhouse ales, coffee infused stouts and lagers, wickedly hoppy pale ales, fruity cream ales, citrus pils, old school amber brews, and so on. And if you're wondering where the pizza in "Pizza Boy" is coming from, check out Al's of Hampden next door-- they've got all the speciality stuffed pies you need to round out your brew.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
39. Proclamation Ale Company 141 Fairgrounds Rd, West Kingston, RI 02892

This unique little brewery just outside of Providence brews up some seriously good ales. Before you even drink it, you'll be hooked based on the label art alone: quirky, colorful designs mark bottles of the four house ales. "Galaxy" is Proclamation's most special brew. Barley and tea fermented and then mixed with Proclamation's very own brand of hops, this one will knock your socks off with its complex kick.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
40. Freehouse Brewery 2895 Pringle St, North Charleston, SC 29405 (North Charleston)

This organic brewhouse in picturesque North Charleston is certainly a sight to see (and taste). Located riverside off the banks of the Ashley, Freehouse's grassy, herbaceous brews are a perfect fit for their natural setting. Ales are farmhouse/Belgian inspired, with plenty of hops and citrus overtones. Local food trucks regularly stop by this joint, so sit back, relax, and feel free to hang out with a cold one.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
41. Hay Camp Brewing Company 201 Main St Ste 109, Rapid City, SD 57701

When in Rapid City, South Dakota, get thee to the Hay Camp craft beer brewery. This friendly and affordable ($4 beers!!!) brewpub serves up great vibes alongside serious ales. With fun events and happy hour specials Wednesday- Saturday, including beer and bingo (a dream combo if we've ever heard one), Hay Camp knows how to bring the party.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
42. Blackstone Brewing Company 1918 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 (West End)

As Nashville’s first craft brewery, Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery opened in 1994 on West End Ave, started distributing as Blackstone Brewing Company from their state-of-the-art brewing and bottling facility in 2011, and today is revered as a pioneer to the local, craft beer movement.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
43. Live Oak Brewery 1615 Crozier Lane, Austin, TX

This European-style microbrewery in Del Valle, TX provides quality beer for thirsty patrons in addition to brewery tours. They feature a rotating selection of Austin's finest food trucks to sate any hunger that arises after sipping HefeWizen and Pilz, the brewery's most popular beers. There's a biergarten open in the warmer months, and the expansive two-acre property is perfect for roaming with beer from a choice of 10 taps in hand and playing disc golf.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
44. Wasatch Brew Pub 250 Main St., Park City, UT 82930

In 1986, Wasatch became Park City's first brewery since Prohibition, and stays true to its legacy with brews like the Polygamy Porter, 1st Amendment Lager, and Evolution Amber Ale.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
45. Switchback Brewing Company 160 Flynn Ave, Burlington, VT 05401

Burlington's Switchback Brewing Co. serves up unfiltered ales and lagers in a warm, friendly environment. Started by two friends with a passion for ale and a desire to make the best pale ale possible, Switchback's made a name for itself over the years as a top notch local producer. Their recently opened taproom provides space for community events (beer and cheese tastings, anyone?), and opens up room within the brewery to start offering more experimental niche brews.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
46. Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery 4100 Knolls Point Dr, Goochland, VA 23063

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery in Goochland, VA is a quaint farm/brewery off the beaten path. The idyllic grounds (seriously, this place is located next to a field of sunflowers) provide the perfect setting for taking in equally refined and complex ales and lagers. These aren't your average, garden variety, day-drinking brews: we're talking rich, creamy stouts layered with notes of chocolate and chili, vanilla and cinnamon, among others.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
47. Propolis Brewing 2457 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend, WA

Specializing in seasonal, herbaceous farmhouse-style ales, Propolis Brewing in the quaint town of Port Townsend is worth making the drive out of Seattle to visit. Operating out of a bright yellow farmhouse, Propolis's brews are inspired by beer's ancient history as a medical aid and the original definition of propolis as highly concentrated resin made from tree sap; every batch is hand-crafted and includes specially selected tinctures of locally-grown herbs and botanica.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
48. DC Brau Brewing Company 3178 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, 20018

Hit up the brewery at DC Brau and grab a bonus growler fill anytime between 12-4pm to fill up on your favorite suds.

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49. Mountain State Brewing 1 Nelson Blvd, Thomas, WV 26292

West Virginia born and brewed...that's the motto of this Appalachian taproom and beer producer. Specializing in hand-crafted brews that are as rugged as their environs, the folks at Mountain State take great pride in the purity of their product. Situated at the top of a minor local mountain range, the brewery's relative high elevation ensures high quality production using the purest water possible. Try 'em all when you tour the grounds or in the taproom-- the menu presents a nice range of year round picks and seasonal specials in both bottles and cans.

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50. Central Waters Brewing Co. 351 Allen St, Amherst, WI 54406

Amherst WI's Central Waters is a simple brewery-- it's motto claims that all you need for a good beer is, "ale, sun, earth, and sky." This low-key approach and attention to sustainability governs Central Waters's brewing processes. All hops that go into their beer are locally sourced within Wisconsin and the brewery itself employs many energy efficient technologies in making their delicious ales, lagers, and seasonal session IPAs.

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51. Ten Sleep Brewing Company 2549 Hwy 16, Ten Sleep, WY 82442

In the sleepy town of Ten Sleep stands this eponymous brewhouse and craft beer bar. Operating out of an old-style, repurposed farmhouse, Ten Sleep Brewing Co. is a family-run joint making simple, quaffable ales and lagers. Enjoy 'em in the on-site patio and barbecue area, which provides the setting for many community events including live music from local bands, drink & draw, and pizza nights.



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