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In Cameroon, deliciousness is a crime

Cameroon is at it again! Recently, two men in Cameroon were just released from prison and had a 5-year sentence overturned (but not before serving over a year in the slammer). Their crime? They went to a bar and ordered a Baileys Irish Cream which purportedly singled them out as "looking gay" (?) to authorities. This situation was absolutely absurd and an abomination of alliterative proportions... because Baileys is delicious! These guys may have made the amateur move of ordering it in public, at a bar, on the rocks.... in Cameroon... but seriously, without Baileys we wouldn't have such delicious concoctions as Irish Car Bombs, Mud Slides, uh... Irish Car Bombs!, and the super-complicated Baileys and coffee.

So before you go throwing out that half-bottle of Dooley's you've been saving for a special occasion, check out our list of creamy-delicious Cameroonian death sentences that'll make a Baileys drink look like a petty citation..

The Coin FlipThe Portland Penny Diner invented this milky mustache-cream-coat which features brandy, Portland Egg Cream, fernet, and chocolate syrup which combines to pit you against the odds... of looking mad cool sippin' on this creamy confection

Al La ModeThis number is loaded with Licor 43, mulled cider, whipped cream, and the ballsiest of all spices... nutmeg. Check out the recipe here!

Whiskey MilkshakeDrinking Laphroaig neat is for college juniors and male cheerleaders... So take your Laphroaig in a milkshake like astronauts or tank mechanics, or the team at Hot Cakes and enjoy the complex nuances of espresso, dark-salted caramel, and ganache

Dooleys with heart-shaped ice cubesThis is the perfect drink for... um... probably getting 25-to-30 in Cameroon, likely with no chance of parole