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The nine slogans rejected by the Hooters of fro-yo

By now, you may have heard of Cups, the "Hooters of frozen yogurt" chain, which earned that name because they have really good buffalo wings. Just kidding, it's because they hire chicks with large breasts. But what you definitely didn't know about are these rejected slogans for the brand, which we acquired by bribing one of the employees with a new sports bra."The yogurt that's so good, you can eat it top(pings)-less!"“Come and knockers on our door!”“You’ll want to spoon it all night”"The serve will be the only thing that's soft"“The yogurt will get eaten, but the mammaries will last a lifetime”“The place to stay abreast of everything happening in yogurt trends”"Nothing could go wrong, and we're definitely not going to get sued!" "Come for the boobs, stay for the boobs!*" *also we sell yogurt“Remember that scene in Kingpin? It’s basically like that.”