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Finally, you can own your own brewery

You might have a pretty awesome homebrewing set-up in your apartment, but isn't it time you upgraded? Based on your roommate's complaints about the leaking buckets and "yeast everywhere, man", it probably is, and luckily, Dave's BrewFarm is here with a sweet deal on a seven-barrel brewing operation.

After five years of brewing bliss, the owner of the place, David Anderson, has decided to move on to new business ventures. So he's put his 35-acre farmstead on the market for $500,000. That half-mil gets you the land, a barn, office space, a tap room, a wind generator, and, of course, that seven-barrel system. But if you don't want to brew beer for some unspeakable reason, Anderson also says the farm could probably turn into an FDA-approved cheese-making operation with minimal tweaking. (Thank God they backpedaled on that wooden board nonsense.) The place is located about 50 miles from the Twin Cities, so if you're a Minnesotan with money to burn, get your bid in stat. And if not, well, you've still got all that dry yeast at home, right?

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would like to know if there are any breweries for sale in the Brooklyn area. Follow her to bidding wars at @kristin_hunt.