Legit moon dust is an ingredient in Dogfish Head's latest brew

Dogfish Head Celest-jewel-ale

Did you dream of blasting off into space and break dancing all over the moon as a kid? And were your astronaut dreams, like those of Lance Bass and so many Lance Basses before him, destroyed when you realized you were in no way qualified for lift-off? Well you still can't walk on the moon, but you can at least taste it in Dogfish Head's latest offering, Celest-jewel-ale

The punny beer is an Oktoberfest, only you'll find actual lunar meteorites steeped in these suds. Just to be clear: this dust doesn't contain space radiation or ET's sweat. The moon jewels are mostly just minerals and salt, but they're also certified, so you know they're good.

Dogfish Head Celest-jewel-ale moon dust

Dogfish Head nabbed the meteorites from their friends at ILC Dover, which creates space suits for NASA. And these are some very good friends indeed, because they also created special koozies made with space suit material to encase this precious brew. A combination of white Gore-Tex, flame-resistant Nomex, Kevlar, and Mylar insulation layers, these koozies insure the beer they're holding can withstand space extremities. That means temperatures ranging from 250°F to -250°F, solar radiation, and the vacuum of space, which is always getting in the way of your drinking.

Both the koozies and the Celest-jewel-ale are only available in Dogfish Head's Rehoboth Beach brewpub. If you want a taste of space, better load up the Ziggy Stardust tunes and start road tripping to Delaware ASAP.