Dogfish Head releases Grateful Dead beer, hoola hoopers rejoice

After receiving more than 1500 submissions from Dead Heads -- and presumably getting rid of the 1499 whose ingredients included weed, Donna Godchaux's hair trimmings, the elusive brown acid, and other weird ingredients -- Delaware's famous moondust beer-makers at Dogfish Head Brewery has released American Beauty IPA, a collaboration with the Grateful Dead that, unlike many Dead collaborations, came together pretty quickly rather than just noodling around forever.

After the Dead's members selected IPA as the style, the brewery sought the input of fans, who suggested everything from red grenadine (from "Brown Eyed Women") to sugar magnolias, to probably Casey Jones's cocaine stash, before deciding on granola (duh) as the key ingredient

The resulting beer is, (more duh) a strong, heady concoction, clocking in at 9% ABV, ensuring that consuming too much of it will have you going down the road feeling bad, although in moderation it'll be like a sunshine daydream.

Expect to get lower-quality bootleg versions soon.