Drink coffee EXACTLY at 1030am, says science

Science tells us all sorts of awesome things, like the fact that tacos are healthy and beer makes you live longer. Until now, however, it wasn't able to tell you what type of coffee drinker is the best. That's all changed thanks to a National Institute of Health study that shows the best type of coffee drinker is the cool suburban Starbucks dad the one who drinks it between 930-1130a.The Telegraph dug up the study showing that the prime time for caffeine absorption depends on production cycles of the hormone cortisol, which plays a large part in how damn tired you feel. Cortisol levels spike between 8 and 9a, and during this time your body isn't able to synthesize caffeine as effectively. Coffee has less of an effect during this time period, and consumption can actually lead to nightmares. And by nightmares we mean increased caffeine tolerance. Heaven forbid!Next time you grab a cup of coffee, maximize your morning buzz and wait until those cortisol-producing adrenal glands have gone back to sleep.