5 reasons drinking games are good for you. No, seriously.

people playing flip cup

Whether your preferred drinking game is beer pong or flip cup, everyone can agree that suds sports are the best. Except for maybe "scientists". Or "health experts". Or "other people we can subtly undermine by putting their job titles in quotation marks". And in order to prove that we aren't just making an arbitrary claim, here are five ironclad reasons why throwing things into booze legitimately makes you a better person:

guy playing beer pong

1. Having excellent hand-eye coordination benefits every aspect of your life. Except hammock napping.
Plenty of drinking games, like quarters, beer pong, and flip cup, require a high level of hand-eye coordination. And those skills have uses outside of the party scene, as the better you get at it, the more you can increase your "reaction times, as well as enhanced agility and athleticism". It could even improve your "typing skills", though that could also be construed as a negative if you're using said skills to text your ex after seven games of pong at 430a just to tell her "tht song u lik is on".

two pretty women at a party

2. Socializing makes you happier
According to a researcher, "everyone feels happy when they socialize" (even introverts!), and there's nothing more social than spending hours alone on a Saturday night scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed to see what everyone else is up to drinking with friends.

people playing flip cup

3. Competition is good for you
According to the book Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing, competition can benefit people greatly, as it "challenges people to strive to be better". Hold on to your competitive spirit during flip cup on Friday night, and then unleash it in the workplace on Monday morning, and soon, you'll be running that "only chicken fingers and Choco Tacos" restaurant chain you work at.

guys playing flip cup

4. Teamwork is a bonding experience
Any drinking game that requires teamwork will strengthen the bonds between you and your friends, as it requires you to "mutually support" one another, which "can encourage people to achieve goals they may not have realized they could reach on their own" -- like the goal of drinking a whole lot, or, you know, something super-productive.

parents drinking

5. It's the most fun way to hang out with your parents
Spending time with your parents can be a real downer, especially when Dad is always bringing up how dumb your tattoos are (uh, sorry Dad, but it actually IS funny if Calvin is peeing on a Calvinist document!). But playing quarters with dear old Dad can be a good thing, as bonding with the 'rents can mean improved communication, and make it easier to lean on them in times when you need it. Like the next day, when you're hungover, and you need them to buy you breakfast.

Lee Breslouer writes about food and drink for Thrillist, and once interviewed a flip cup champion. Follow him on Twitter @LeeBreslouer, because you can't make a name that good up.