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An oral history of the (savage, sexy, semi-sexist) beer industry in the '80s

Published On 08/19/2014 Published On 08/19/2014
Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc./Library of Congress (edited)

I met Hank Aaron at a release party for Stroh's Rose, our girlie calendar.

Flickr/Roger Wollstadt

You were expected to be a comedian, mathematician, and a functional alcoholic.


We were drunk with success and thought anything we did would sell. Wrong!

Best and Worst Ever

They chanted 'Great Taste!' & 'Less Filling' in the stadium at the '88 Calgary Olympics.

Flickr/bill lapp

Let the ladies see you drink imported beer, and you'd take the ladies home.

Mary Beth Infante

At night, they'd throw empty cans into the streets to make the brand seem popular.

Nick Infante

If you drank light beer, it was because you didn't like the taste of "beer" beer.


People would drive halfway across the country just to get a case of Coors.