This dude will paint a picture in your beer

Somewhere, deep in the vast wilderness of Colorado, there lies a town that you've definitely never heard of, called Boulder. Within Boulder, there lies a a pub called Conor O'Neill's. Within Conor O'Neill's there lies Eli. Well, actually, he stands most of the time. Eli is a bartender and an artist, and his canvas is the top of a Guinness. With a nitro spout as his brush, he goes well beyond the classic shamrock that other bartenders have sometimes been known to inscribe, to create an array of fleeting art

Smile! You're on candid camera, Guinness glass

That's a heart. Or a Boston Red Sox logo, if you're imaginative, something Red Sox fans are incapable of being. So... it's a heart.

If you ask for a Harp in an Irish pub, they will probably beat you up. If you ask for a Guinness harp logo in your beer at Conor O'Neill's, you get this.

This dude is almost definitely eating, um, a pizza

Legend has it that if you drink 100 of these while watching The Wizard of Oz, you will pass out

The Colorado state flag, ready for you to consume.

First tracks in the pow-pow, bra! Did we mention Eli's from Colorado

So yeah, Eli's from Colorado

Personalization requests honored! If your name is three letters or less!

You definitely don't have a bartender who's better-looking than Eli, but if you have one who thinks he can compete with Eli, have him tweet photos of his Guinness masterworks to @Thrillist with the hashtag #GuinnessArt.