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Meet Europe's last OG brewmaster nun

All brewmasters think they're following a higher calling, but only Sister Doris Engelhard (and we guess all those Trappist monks) can say they have the divine on their side. As reported by The Atlantic, Engelhard is Europe's last brewmaster nun, producing almost 80,000gal of beer each year, and easily becoming the coolest holy person of all time.

While other sisters in Engelhard's Mallersdorf Abbey work as teachers in local schools or caretakers in nursing homes, she brews beer as her service to the convent. On Sundays, she gets up at 3am to start the process, skipping out on the 5:30am choral prayers to hone her ales in the modern brewery. She's been doing this for 45 years now, having learned the ropes from another sister at the German convent in the '60s. But she's not just into the production side: Engelhard enjoys a pint herself daily and believes it's good for men and women to drink 1.5L and .75L, respectively, each day. Sadly, Engelhard seems to be the face of a dying breed of badass brewing nuns, so pray that the Lord keeps her (and her vats of beer) safe.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and hopes the nuns at her old Catholic school were secretly brewing beer the entire time. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.