Evil Twin Brewing tests laws of nature with Spicy Nachos beer

Evil Twin Spicy Nachos Beer
Westbrook Brewing Company Facebook
Westbrook Brewing Company Facebook

We already knew the beer experts over at Evil Twin were crazy, thanks to that Justin Blåbær noise they pulled last month. But it turns out those madmen haven't calmed down one bit, and are now launching a Spicy Nachos pale ale

Now, before you start running wild with ideas of floating-tortilla-chip beer, let's get some things straight. This isn't going to be brewed with cheese, salsa, or sour cream. It's also not going to be shot up with some weird artificial nacho flavoring. What it is going to have is jalapeno peppers and, ergo, some serious bite.

Spicy Nachos will come in 22oz bombers with a 5.5 percent ABV. The stuff's already on tap at frequent Evil Twin collaborator Westbrook Brewing Co., so if you need your jalapeno beer right this second, start planning a pilgrimage to South Carolina now.