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The exact bottle of booze to get your exact dad on Father's Day


Dads are notoriously impossible to shop for, unless you buy yours a tie, which is perfect, because dads wear ties. Holy crap: just get him a tie!! Man, that was easy. 

Or, if your dad is crazy and actually hates ties, booze is good too. We asked Moiz Ali, Professional Person Who Knows Everything About Booze from, to tell you exactly what you should get for your father-person, based on what you know he already likes. 

If your dad loves 25-year-olds

Highland Park 25 Year Old Single Malt
Moiz says: Introducing one of the only twenty-somethings you can buy your dad that won’t upset your mom. Highland Park 25 Year Old was the first whisky ever awarded 100 points -- a perfect score, suck it Nadia -- at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Dad will probably have a "look-but-don't-touch" policy with this one too.

If your dad wears a suit to work everyday

Hillrock Solera-Aged Bourbon
Moiz says: If Pops is rocking a tie to work or a sport coat to dinner, then get him this bourbon, because it’s, well, classy as hell. Hillrock is the world’s first solera-aged bourbon and is crafted by Dave Pickerell, who was previously the master distiller at Maker's Mark for 14 years. Named one of the Top 50 Spirits of 2013 by Wine Enthusiast, it's a must for anyone who throws himself into a Zegna every morning just so you could go to DeVry.

If your dad likes doing things his damn self

Black Button Barrel Aging Kit + Corn Whiskey
Moiz says: Does your dad like to fix the leaky faucet? Build a table? Mow the lawn? Then he might just be Ron Swanson, which is amazing, especially because he's a fictional character. Even if he's not, he’ll love the Black Button Moonshine and Barrel Aging Kit. Exclusively at Caskers, the set comes with a handmade 2L oak barrel and unaged corn whiskey. Your father can age his own whiskey at his own pace and enjoy it whenever he thinks it’s perfect (always).

If your dad loves sports

Boyd & Blair Vodka
Moiz says: And he does. So, get him this vodka and pat yourself on the back for being an awesome child. Boyd & Blair Vodka hit the trifecta by being ranked the top vodka in the world by the Spirit Journal in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Made from potatoes to produce a silkier, sweeter vodka than traditional grains, this bottle is sure to keep a smile on your father’s face from start to finish... and long after. Because he's been drinking.

If your dad loves "questionable" activities

Ilegal Mezcal
Moiz says: Originally smuggled from Mexico into Guatemala using banditos, river rafts, bribes, and disguises, this spirit might win the award for most badass on our list. Still handcrafted, the mezcal is made using only 100% wild espadĂ­n agave, Oaxacan sun, water, and time and is perfect for the father that loves a great mezcal or tequila.

If your dad loves threesomes

Kings County Whiskey Gift Set
Moiz says: This is probably the least complicated threesome your father will ever have and the only one he’ll ever tell you about. This King’s County Gift Set has three award winners: bourbon, moonshine, and chocolate whiskey. The accolades come as no surprise since Kings County is New York City’s oldest operating whiskey distiller and the first distillery in New York City since Prohibition.

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