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What We're Drinking This Week: From Dry Gin to Cask-Aged Cider

Published On 05/08/2015 Published On 05/08/2015
Laura Hayes/Thrillist

Welcome to First Call, our weekly look at what our editors are drinking to kick off the weekend. Here, we'll be testing out new beers and liquors, and raiding our own stash for old favorites. Na zdrowie!

The Avengers left us with a lot of questions, none more pressing than the question of which of Earth's mightiest heroes we'd most like to bar hop with. Hulk's a bit aggressive. Thor's cocky. Cap's tolerance is too high. Nope. The answer now and forever shall be Tony Stark. Dude can hang, and he's probably picking up the tab. Here's what we're charging to Stark Industries this week.

Andy Kryza/Thrillist

The Real McCoy 12-year rum

Named for an old rum-runner and not, sadly, the classic Kim Basinger/Val Kilmer caper romance, this Barbados rum is aged in bourbon barrels, and the oak shines through. This is sipping rum at its finest, a Caribbean cousin to Kentucky whiskey. Whenever it gets warm, we crave rum. It's the Don Johnson in all of us.

Andy Kryza/Thrillist

Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA

We'll drink anything Oskar Blues throws at us. And lucky us, they're throwing these cans, which hurt way less than bottles, but are also full of this incredibly malty, super-smooth, low-ABV IPA.

Andy Kryza/Thrillist

Boodles London dry gin

Old-school gin is a thing of beauty, especially when it's dry and British. Just like Downton Abbey. The lack of citrus has long defined Boodles as well, allowing the nutty flavors and rosemary to stand out. With respect to Roger Moore, this is a dry martini's best friend.

Andy Kryza/Thrillist

Crispin Venus Reigns

As micro-ciders grow in popularity, the big dogs need to innovate. Crispin's been tossing out some interesting experiments lately, including this pear cider aged in red-wine casks. So yeah, it's basically a tasty, crisp pear cider with woody notes and a little wine flavor. If you're looking for a dry British cider, this isn't it... unless maybe you pour some Boodles in it.

Andy Kryza/Thrillist

21st Amendment Down to Earth session IPA

If we're approaching a summer full of low-octane canned IPAs, we're looking at the best summer since Budnick showed up at Camp Anawanna. Down to Earth has all the hoppy bite of a regular IPA, but, at 4.4%, none of the regret that comes with drinking a few high-ABV beers in the sun. Also, it features a monkey in a hammock on the label. Even if it was full of used oil, we'd buy that. Luckily, it's full of delicious beer.

Andy Kryza is a senior editor on Thrillist's Food & Drink team, and would also be down to drink with the Justice League. Except Aquaman. Follow him to nerdy fantasy pub fiction: @apkryza.



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